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  1. I snagged something with a dipsey about 4-5 miles west of wilson in roughly 200' fow or so back in May. Fortunately I only lost the fly. Glad it wasnt a rigger that snagged!

    For a number of seconds i thought i had the derby winner on! oh well.

  2. Mixed bag dominated by lakers. Roughly 15/17.. biggest was 16# king, 12# laker. only 1 steelhead. fished 60-250. steelie came out of deeper water on a split shot rig. Boated a laker on same rig and others on down to 100'. bait all over esp inside of 150 or so with more in tighter. 7 color pulling carmel dolphin took the bigger king. other fish on frostbite, chx wing, gator, ssw, alewife and purple gator. better bite was early.

    16# ran so far i could not see the yellow off shore inline attached. with 12# leader i was not willing to tighten drag down. after i got the board in "rod ninja"' took over. post-152882-14343225683463_thumb.jpg

  3. Definitely a tough couple days of fishing out there! Have to say canandaigua is probably the most unpredictable lake i fish. One day its hot and the next .. not.

    Knowing it was gonna blow saturday i decided to bag prefishing friday.. save energy and gas..

    Saturday I set up with no clear game plan of what, where, and how, but figured i would start south of german bros. and troll north... set up in 90' roughly and had a fish on before the second rod was set. ended up getting a 9 rod spread out consisting of ff on 2 dipsey and 2 riggers, 2 riggers with spoons, and 3 high lines using cores. picked away at the lakers boating around 16 fish most of which on flasher fly. the highlight of the day happened around 4pm half way down lake on the east side when a rigger running a ff combo popped. I got to the rod and before pulling out of rod holder I am reeling up what seemed like 50' of slack line but then it started to load up. I had a pretty good idea that it was a decent fish.. at least better than the 4-5 # fish we were getting. After a predictable "battle" the net slips under our biggest fish of the day which at weigh in was 9.96#. sadly we went back out after weighing in but skunked out. Should have just gone home and slept!

    Sunday was another story. pretty much the same approach as Saturday with drastically dif results. boated 3 fish for the day biggest 6.5. saw bait, awesome hooks at varying depths, threw a vast array of gear at them but nuthin.

    I am sure the full sun and pleasure craft assault did none of us any favors today!

    Had a great time fishing with my crew and collaborating with my buddy on the blue lund!

    Kind of wanna come down for some brown and bow redemption but its time to get back on lake O!!

    Congrats to Brett on P 3 on the laker board and to everyone else that placed!


  4. Thanks FLX, nice job on sticking with it. I always seem to be fishing too shallow in the I-bay area. How deep were you fishing in the 120 fow range you were in?

    all kings off riggers 41-95 ft down over 100-120 bottom. lakers on bottom or roughly 300' wire 2 setting, skippys and bows on 2,5,7 color. without a probe i just drop gear where i am marking it on the sonar.

    Good luck!

  5. Where to begin..... Had a last minute notion to trailer to Sandy but got going too late to trailer there. Next I wanted to launch out of Genny to avoid ibay launch circus. Durand blocked off for soap box derby... ibay it is! motor towards ship builders and set up in 75 w nne troll. had 5 rods in when i heard a ticking noise from engine area. slide out the doghouse and immediately see that the wire from coil yo dist cap is arking. shut down the boat. My buddy ace mechanic and 1/2 Mcguyver was assessing the situation as i pull the gear in. in the process of assessing things the coil wire ended in two pieces. thankfully Brett was able to delicately strip the wire and make a new connection and get us going again.

    So get set up and at this point around 115-120 fow i think trolled out. to 200 with a few releases and get 2 steel and one laker on deck. not thrilled with action where we were, we turned and trolled in and could not get anything going at this point and in around 140fow. I reached out to some LOU guys and was told 100-120 was where best action was. Yup they were right as we got into those depths the screen brightened up and we were now into a somewhat steady pick. i was pretty pleased with the bite considering it was 230 when we picked up... not sure why i am getting up at 400am. when i always seem do better after 12p. ended up roughly around 16/20..boating around 5 decent kings in 10-16# range. had bunch of hits on wire that wouldnt hook up. picking lines had skippys on 3 of 4 high lines that were on who knows how long ssw, gator, nbk were working as usual.

    A team effort for sure a big thanks to everyone that helped, esp. Brett for keeping us going... i would have packed up and headed in ..lol

  6. i had one of those years ago on my lund with 115 four stroke.., when it worked it was great... too often i would release plate, motor then stop and decide to motor again only to realize the p.o.s didnt lock in up position..as i motor off again it would shear the pin. after too many issues i pulled it off outboard used drift bags till i put on the kicker. i will check to see if i have any of the shear bolts sittin around. good luck

  7. decided for a change in scenery so made the call to fish out of wilson since that seemed to be where the better king bite was..up at 230 left home 330a. pretty awesome seeing the various boats stacking up at end of pier heads. got around them and motored wnw for 3-4 miles then set up in 110 fow as the screen looked good. got the third rod set when second rod got smacked but no hookset. re set that started to rig again and that same rod fires this time hooked. 1/2 way thru the battle a ff combo released and now doubled!! sitting on cloud 9 so far. boated both and the ff fish was ounces shy of 20#!. re set the 4 rods and was riggin dipsey and spoon rod on rigger fires.. 3rd king inside of 20-30 minutes! that would really be the end of our excitement. then the fleet shows up from shot gun start...boats all over we now have our 6 rods out. and aside from swapping out countless spoons they barely moved. 4 rigger and two dipsey. (4 ff combos and 2 spoons.) added the coppers when traffic cleared. worked that area then deeper then shallower. ended day at 5p going 8/12 with 5 kings boated the rest LT missed 3 short rips on coppers too pulling spoons. saw marks... many at 55 ' but fish seen from top to bottom on graph.from 110-210. i have no probe and feel speed was some of issue. as well has having the right temp but feel that if i am seeing marks that would tell me down temp was favorable( a simplistic approach). early bite was on bad toad and carbon 14, ff was white green sd with white green fly. ssw, and alpha alewife accounted for the other kings.. Was hoping for a better day hail mary passes rarely work i guess! my 11 yr old brought in most of the fish here he is with the 19+! if any body has suggestions shoot me a pm i am all ears. thanks.


  8. You were not alone! I started at shipbuilders and ended up at ginna also.. working any where from 20-80fow w most time in 45-70.., temps and color not what they had been, very few hooks on ff. i think u are spot on, moon, no clouds, east winds, no rain. not sure if it will set up by the weekend either. after drooling for 3 days it was a bit of a let down... but thats why they call it fishing......I boated 1 steelhead and at 2p when we were pickin the top lines fired with 2 of the smallest kings i have ever boated!

    best of luck on your next trip!

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