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  1. No boat or motor restrictions, just remember good manners.
  2. I just found this thread and Woodie, I'm glad your pup is going to be ok. Best wishes for his speedy and full recovery. I've had dogs of different kinds for 20 some years now since I got out of the Navy, and between my wife and I, we socialize the *hell* out of our dogs and *still* don't trust them 100% around "new to them" dogs. Good luck to you and Dutch.
  3. Cayuta Lake (Little Lake, Odessa, NY) 8 June all day fishing out on Little Lake 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. We started out casting 1/8th ounce jigs using natural minnow imitations. Our day started out relatively slow but marked a bunch of bait and fish on the bottom in 14' to 22'. Couldn't get any takers, so decided to go shallow >6' and ended up finding the Crappie bite. Between the two of use we caught roughly 150 Crappie all day from 4" to 12", most being roughly 8" to 9". Also boated two > 15" bass and one 21" Walleye. Overall a nice day on the (Little) lake.
  4. Glad I found it. I was referred here by a friend and I'm glad I found it! I bought my first boat two years ago (Lund Mr. Pike 18) and have really enjoyed it. No pictures to add yet, but we'll see what the future brings. Fishing mainly Finger Lakes around Ithaca and have learned a lot from member posts already.
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