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  1. Finally, after now three long years, our 19 ft Sea Nymph is in the water. We decided to change ther name from Barnacle Bill to the Gray Ghost. Unfortunately we were not abole to get the name and the decals just yet, but they arter coming soon. Look forward to seeing you all on the water! Sent from my K010 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Hello packynyam. Looking forward to hearing from you on the water!
  3. Out of Hughes this weekend I was finally able to get on the water and shake down the new boat. We left Hughes late Saturday Morning and the lake was glass. Perfect time to test out the boat....except the sonar shot the goose. At lease I was able to spend some time on the water. Thanks to the Gentlemen at Bay Bridge, they hooked me up with a new sonar unit. Next Saturday, we will be ready!
  4. Hello once again Hello Everybody! It has been two long years since we have been on the water on Lake Ontario. Our old boat, the Chili Verde found a new home. We are now operating a 19' Sea Nymph under the name of Barnacle Bill. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the water.
  5. We will be going out of Hughes this Saturday. Hope to see you on the water. We are the Chili Verde and on 16 most of the time. Good Luck and Great Fishing!
  6. That is a great catch. Keep a couple of those in there for me.
  7. Great report, Mark. Finally getting out this afternoon. Hope we do as well as you did.
  8. Hello Bergen, If Mike doesnt take it, I will. Thank you, (Barnacle) Bill
  9. Is this unit NEMA compatable? I am interested either way. Thank you, (Barnacle) Bill
  10. Good Afternoon Troutman, Do you have two still available? If so, then I will take them. Please PM. Thank you, (Barnacle) Bill Hoehne
  11. Cool! Looking forward to meeting you. We monitor Ch 14, so say hello when you are out!
  12. Our boat is the Chili Verde. We are up on the south side of the creek, just west of the bridge.
  13. Will do, Jason. We get out almost every weekend, so will keep you posted.
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