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  1. Good choice on refinishing old rods! I like to revolver wrap my trolling rod guides anyways, so the rod doesn’t twist in the rod holder. look into Revolver wrapping guides. It’s called many other things, Acid wrap is another name for the style.
  2. This right here! I’ve been happiest with my Excalibur Micro and sold my cam X Bows since getting it. Significantly less parts to fail.
  3. I can’t buy the blanks as cheap as I can buy an already built quality rod. I build every single one of my other rods for every other technique, but I just buy quality trolling rods. The only way I could see building a trolling rod is if I wanted a specialty rod like a wire roller rod.
  4. Mag spoons start picking up as the year gets later. Think bigger baitfish. Larger flies start doing well too. 5 and 6 inch Flies I’m talking. I’m usually running mostly mag spoons around this time every year. I’ll still run standard spoons for Steel though, all year.
  5. I sold my okuma 30 wire rods/reels to my brother and was going to upgrade to Tekotas. Only size available is the 500’s, so I grabbed them. I was looking for the 600’s, but out of stock everywhere near me. It looks like I should be able to get 800-900 feet of blood run wire on these, which is fine with me. I prefer not to go less than 800 though. Has any spooled a 500 up to see how much wire will fit? I would like to find some new 600’s and use those, but pretty sure I won’t find any by this weekend.
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