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  1. Backwards . Flipped and also tried the suggestions about line direction. Works good on land . Will see in the water next time . Hope this was all it was as I really like these . Thanks guys
  2. 1/2-3/4 wrap pull to lock in .. drop it in the water. Love the simplicity . And releases very well from bait side. I just read there is a certain orientation they need to be installed. Will investigate in the morning as I honestly am not sure.
  3. Walker releases Hey folks . Still figuring out my gear . All 4 of my riggers have walker releases. I really like the setup of them and they are very simple to deploy . However I had a heck of a time tripping them from the boat to bring my line up . At one point I actually had to reel the weight up on one so I could release it. Is there a trick to this or is it just the nature of them? I tested different tensions to the point it was a hair trigger and still was hard to release from above . I also have a handful of roamer releases that seem useful for stacking if I ever wanted to punish my novice self with tangles . I have messed around with them and I can trip them everytime from above , however they are clumsy to setup and I much prefer the walkers. any tips or is there another style release that is the across the board preferred?
  4. Thanks for that map . Really clears stuff up . I was way off base !! I still have a lot to learn about reading my gps. When you say on spoons are you running just a plain spoon? No attractors? I have a few SS spoons in different colors but did not give plain spoons much of a chance , perhaps I should have . Thinking of going out again this evening . Or perhaps wait until Saturday.
  5. Wow that's very generous. I would love to get some hands on with experienced hands. Unfortunately I do have to work Monday . I took today - sat off since the weather looked good. And I have wed-sat off next week . Its discouraging not producing, and hearing of everyone catching ! Makes me (rightfully) question what I'm doing. I do have a good time regardless out on the lake. I'm from an hour north of Watertown and I'm used to fishing the st. Lawrence, black lake, and other local waters.. I get out on Ontario and it's like a whole new world, what a riot ! Nothing like Surfing the waves. Yes this morning I had the penn yan with the pen riggers. Hillbilly from the far north trying to learn the craft! Kept looking like it was going to get nasty out , but out past galloo island by shipping lanes about 17 miles from launch .. the water was nice once got out there.
  6. Stony point launch Met a guy this morning at the launch, directed me here for help ... I am new to this and having a heck of a time getting it figured out . Wanna go catch bass, walleye. Northerns, perch... no problem!! Think I can figure out down riggers ??? Absolutely not ! Launched out of stony point about 6 or so. Stayed out until 2 . Zero action . Trolled Along waters in front of lighthouse 110-120ft. Marked fish all over . Tried different depths, lures, boucing bottom ... cowbells , plugs, spoons, flasher /flies ..: nothing .. keep hearing talk of "shipping lanes"... all I know is general area between islands galoo and duck .. shot out there , little rough but bearable in the old boat . Thought I was there but looking back I don't think I went far enough north ? . I am trying to figure out exactly where all these spots are that I hear talk of. Either way, had 4-6 poles in the water almost all day with no action. I'm sure it's just me and my location . Decided one of my rigger weights needed to stay at the bottom of the lake. - ah well. Thats learning. I wasn't really targeting anything . I'd be happy with lakers .. any great advice ? Guess I'm looking for a cheat sheet !! On where these areas are.
  7. Hey everyone Hey all. Been lurking on here for awhile. Learning all I can. I grew up fishing constantly with my father, he passed when I was 12 but the passion stuck with me. I have always had boats and fished in the smaller lakes and rivers, and have had the opportunity to get my son (8) hooked as well. It was not until last summer that I had experienced Lake Ontario . My neighbor always looking for a partner wanted me to go with him. I finally found the time and we went . I was instantly hooked. The magnitude of the lake is incredible.... I went with him a handful of times last year , and this year decided i needed to add another boat to my fleet to conquer it on my own and with friends and family. I searched and ended up meeting up with a very nice man and buying his 21' pen yan fisherman. After some routine maintenance, making it "mine" and suiting it up more for trolling , I set out with my wife and kids. I launch out of Henderson harbor.. the first time, was a pure novice nightmare. It was a learning experience to say the least . I learned quickly I needed better rod storage, better kicker steering . ... round two.. this time with a overhead rod rack and a redesigned steering link . Much better... but no fish . I've been out only three times on my boat (on Ontario) and have yet to catch anything. But i am staying positive and getting more familiar with my gear. And honestly just enjoy being out there. I don't really have any top of the line equipment. I want to get proficient at this before I think about upgrading. Either way ,, that's my long winded first post ... thanks guys for all the good reads on here.. hopefully you all can help me land some fish this year !
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