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  1. Nothin other then the price . I'm not super experienced but was recommended to me and I can't deny the results.
  2. I appreciate everyone's response . Bottom feeder thanks for the offer and taking the time to answer my phone questions. After considering for awhile I said to heck with it and just ordered some convectors, rods, tips, and a couple spools of wire.
  3. North of Watertown . Gouverneur.. I sell a lot of used parts on eBay and have no problem taking motor apart into manageable pieces and shipping .
  4. Well I have a complete parts motor. What ya wanna trade me !? Lol
  5. its a 1974 going by your picture. is this a regular shaft or does it have an extension? if you have a picture of the whole motor or the lower unit i could tell
  6. the splines where that shaft goes are usually fine. feel up in there and look with a light to verify. its really not that big of a deal to change out
  7. Moonshine lures - carbon 14 is what your talking about . I do know that one .
  8. This is a bad picture for what I am pointing out ...but if you look at the meat rig in the right side of the picture ... I use that with familiar bite herring and the paddle shown above from the other poster and has done well. I can't get bites on anything else. Except last weekend seemed to be all on spoons. I am the same way... toss the package and forget the name . I should really figure it out so when it gets lost I can buy another .
  9. that sucks. especially the fact someone did it then just left . zero morals . But lucky the damage is just cosmetic. there is ALOT of material in that area. so dont stress. as long as your buddy can get it looking decent and the exposed glass sealed up, you'll have zero worries.
  10. Does it look like this ? Like I said I have a couple of these in the boneyard so let me know what you find.
  11. 4hp lightwin is a 180 degree motor with no shifting, and a throttle lever on the side ...Unless it's a super old metal shrouded one. If it has a shifter and a throttle on the tiller it's not a lightwin. Very simple motors with not a lot to go wrong.
  12. that was my guess. have also seen the upper driveshaft splines round off on them. What year is the motor? depending on what you find I may have what you need in the shop.
  13. Pap if you want that stuff to work ... you really need to get that wood as dry as possible. I see a lot of stuff that like and "git rot" (a more popular injectable wood hardener) come through the shop . When I rip it out to replace the wood . Only the exposed dry sections hardened. ... all those products are is a thinned down epoxy. Some of them are quite expensive and really not worth the effort if unable to dry the wood . I would slap a chunk of plywood over it as a band aid untill you have down time to fix right. As I'm sure you know if there is rot there.... there is more where you can't see . Just my two cents .i see a lot of money thrown at magical chemicals that end up in the dumpster in chunks of soggy wood.
  14. Luke.. I'm considering getting rid of the corner riggers with the fixed mounts and short booms.. and putting my swivel mount long booms back there . It's really a pain in the butt setting them back riggers on my boat .. you've breifly seen it .. you basically have to lay on your belly and reach out over the back . I'm thinking with the long booms on swivels on the corners I could swivel them to the side .. set up and swing them out the back ... So my question .. is there any reason to not run the long booms off the back? Or should I just leave the short ones there ? I appreciate your feedback . You haven't steered me wrong .. i purchased those three spoons you showed me and one or more of them has produced every trip so far
  15. 1987 mercury "classic 50" outboard w/ controls Need to get this out of my shop. I hung onto it because I have the same motor on my aluminum bass boat. its an 87 "classic 50" mercury . Two stroke , inline-4.. not oil injected , no power tilt/trim. Is a good motor in good shape. Good prop. Has been sitting in my shop for some time now . So I am gonna say it will need the carbs gone through and basic maintenance. Good compression on all 4 - I can't remember the exact numbers (back when I took it in) but will gladly hook up tester for interested people . Comes complete with controls and battery cables . Throttle / shift cables .. not sure of exact length .. can measure .. came off a 17' boat. will trade for fishing gear. Not so much lures as rods / reels, stuff for the boat i know what it is . I know it's not worth a whole lot . Just trying to exchange it for something I can use and hopefully you or someone you know can use the motor . I am located north of Watertown. But fish out of henderson. Can meet somewhere . Will take pictures if there is any interest.
  16. I have 2 spare daiwa 47lcb, and 2 okuma Magda pro 30dx . All have line counters ..either of them up to the task ?? Also here's my rod holders, no markings but sure seem well built , attatched with screws and washer/nuts on backside .
  17. It's funny .. before I met greenboatluke at a launch and he told me about this site ... when I was first experimenting with all this ... I went to a tackle shop that I won't name .. and asked the guy for some help with a couple good set ups for lake trout .... I was basically scoffed at... explained I was just getting into it and fish is fish I just want to catch... said lazy people target lake trout... i never really understood that? Now that I've caught trout and salmon ... yes kings are much more action to get in ... but I don't complain about a lake trout either way ... just wanted to say that I picked a few things myself to try... didn't know the name of it .. but looking online at the "gambler rigs".. yup that's what I have . I use luhr jenson cowbells ... just because it's what I had
  18. Also can someone clarify about the snap on rings ? How much difference they make ?
  19. Well after reading all this ... I might as well just order wire and tips and be done with it. Maybe run just the divers for a bit until I get the hang of them .. then add back in the riggers.. I can just see myself getting in a lot of trouble with that many lines....heck just last Sunday a king ran at the boat so fast there was no time to clear anything , he decided he'd do a lap around the other riggers before was finally contained . What a mess. But a fun memory. This all really is a blast to learn . Especially when it works lol . I need to dig out my reels and see if I have some that could handle the wire . will report back with a model number , and also a photo of the rod holders im working with
  20. Dipsys for dummies Alright folks. I've finally got the hang of running my 4 riggers off the boat. Now looking to learn more methods. I read a lot of reports of fish on dipsys... I guess my first question - with riggers already on the boat is it worth the effort ? Do they present that much differently ? Now the other questions..... it seems like the more I read on using them properly the more confused I get . Wire, copper , snubbers. Etc ... well i have two 9' heavy rods equipped with line counter reels, do i have to jump into all this wire and copper or can I use super line like power pro ? I already have adjustable rod holders that I can lay right flat out the side to clear riggers in my fishing stuff sickness I have acquired various dipsys from yard sales, with boat purchases, etc... I have a mixture of sizes and colors , and even some of these snap on rings ? What size is everyone using ? I assume bigger goes deeper with less line ? Does color matter ? Should i treat it like an attractor ? What is the point of the rings ? I assume more depth ? If you guys think it's worth it.. I'd like to experiment with a cheaper set up untill i get the hang of it ... then possibly invest in better gear for dipsys... I've learned the hard way this hobby is expensive to learn , I've already donated 30lbs of lead to the bottom of ontario.............and one complete pole ....reel......flasher...... and meat rig ... complete with herring .... that was a rough day
  21. Tried soft scrub with a cheap dollar store mop - only thing I could source locally. Did the job nicely. Hopefully I will need to clean it again soon !!
  22. Bit nautical out there today. But I dragged my neighbor (older man who got me interested in Ontario) out . He hasn't caught salmon in years so was glad I could make it happen . Most action was on clean spoons.
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