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  1. Thanks guys , going to stop by the local stores and see if I can find any of the mentioned products . Will report back
  2. I have a 15hp Johnson "short shaft" on my adjustable mount. Perhaps your mount is mounted too low. It would be cheaper to raise it then to buy another motor . You don't really have to follow outboard rules of "cavitation plate level with bottom of boat" with the kicker as your not going to be going fast enough to have it cavitate. As long as you have the leg deep enough in the water to pump water it will do its job . I can take some pictures tomorrow after work of my setup . I would like to see yours... i am betting you could just move it and sold your issue
  3. Can't sit here and read about all this. Just hooked boat up to the truck. Hopefully get out tomorrow for another evening trip right after work .
  4. Textured Fiberglass floor cleaner Hey can anyone recommend a good product or procedure for cleaning textured floors ? My penn yan floor is bright white but after a few fish and some routine maintenance on the motor .. I have some grease marks , blood, grime etc. I use the wash down pump to clean up on the water but this floor really holds onto stuff . I've had good luck with magic erasers before but very time consuming and the texture shreds them quickly. Lately been splashing some dawn on the deck and just mopping it . But really not doing the trick ...
  5. Right on ... I was always nervous out there on my buddy's 19' ... so I looked hard and bought a 21' penn yan tournament. It really is a confidence inspiring boat. Second trip out with it I was 17 miles out and the boat was the least of my concerns . to the op .. good luck with sale . I know you want to sell it .. but for that price with what's included .. I can't imagine it doesn't hurt . ... now If I didn't already have one ... lol
  6. Im no expert , but I hooked a few kings. A steelhead and a laker out of henderson last weekend . About 10 miles out . Running at 90' in 150ish
  7. After a few more trips and few more fish- I am loving them
  8. I have that same information, my eyes did not notice that last statement .. wonder why they specified ? Different for the lake ?
  9. Also for reference that blue mat is one of those basic throw pdfs a little over 2'x2'
  10. Right on , after Luke brought it to my attention the first thing I did was check the guide . I certainly want to follow the rules. And ignorance doesn't mean legal lol !
  11. Well nice, he was a fighter. I was just thrilled to be catching.
  12. It was a good evening . Lost two kings at the boat . Man they are incredibly strong fish . Had a bunch of releases with only scales on the hook ??. Had no action for awhile so I dropped one down to 90 . That's when I got that first one . So I dropped all the others from 90-120 and the fun began . Just incredible fish to catch . Defiantly hooked . i do need to invest in a bigger net . As a newbie I thought my 2 foot hoop would do . Nope . That cost me fish tonight . Trying to squeeze 10lbs into a 5lb sack I felt a bit under the weather but forced myself to go as it was my only opportunity till next week . Glad I went .
  13. White mouth luke, my my newbie self didn't notice
  14. And another much bigger ... they are deep had a tangle and hand lined it for a bit. Nice mono cut but adrenaline will do that
  15. Henderson Out here still, caught this guy 90 down in 142 west of finger .
  16. A lot of distance between us . I will pass . If you still haven't sold the next time you come up shoot me a message
  17. Where are you located ? Fishing this weekend ?
  18. If you have any bolts through the transom down low , put a wrench to them and tighten them right up , if it's too bad you will see water get forced out and drip as you compress the layers together.
  19. I went once on a weekend . Got beat up and did nothing but lose gear lol. I am cursed for Saturday fishing
  20. I was talking about this week, not end . Took a couple days off... beautiful!
  21. Never did find anything besides lakers - ah-well , great night, lake was dead calm.. still learning , atleast i came home with everything I left with this time !! And had to use the wash down to get slime off deck, that's a good sign !
  22. John - U from below, tightened down, everything worked great this time around. Zero complaints. it was beautiful out there last night.
  23. Stony point Out here now. Water is dead flat. West of finger couple nice lakers. Finally gear is cooperating. Thanks for help everyone. Now if I can catch salmon.
  24. good weather all week, looks like a good few days to be sick!
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