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  1. Yes & Yes Oswego & Mexico open just got home from checking both
  2. Took a ride to Oswego and Mexico Point yesterday.......won't be fishing either place for awhile yet. Oswego Wright's Landing is still iced over, Mexico Point launch entrance is snow packed and the launch is iced over. A sad sight considering last year the boat was in the water and we were catching browns Feb 27th
  3. I was wondering about Mexico Point and Wright's Landing today myself. Might have to take a drive over the weekend to check them out. I'll post conditions if I go.
  4. Thanks for all your hard work !!!! Happy New Year everyone !!!! Stay safe !!!
  5. Thanks Chief !! Hoping to make it out of either Oswego or Mexico Pt this week sometime. We always watch the sky and will keep the radio on for sure!! Stay safe.
  6. As someone who fishes Ontario a limited number of days a year, all safety advisories from experienced boaters are more than welcome. What channel would these warnings be broadcast over? Thanks !!
  7. Awesome birthday for sure congrats
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