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  1. wallychaser

    2018 State of the LOU - Happy New Year!

    Thanks for all your hard work !!!! Happy New Year everyone !!!! Stay safe !!!
  2. wallychaser

    Walleye Charter Lake Erie first week in October?

    X2 on Jim with Ultimate Outdoors
  3. Any chance these are still available?
  4. The smile on Dad's face says it all great story
  5. wallychaser

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    Thanks Chief !! Hoping to make it out of either Oswego or Mexico Pt this week sometime. We always watch the sky and will keep the radio on for sure!! Stay safe.
  6. wallychaser

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    As someone who fishes Ontario a limited number of days a year, all safety advisories from experienced boaters are more than welcome. What channel would these warnings be broadcast over? Thanks !!
  7. X2....thoughts and prayers sent to all involved
  8. wallychaser

    Good day on Erie

    WTG Dad
  9. Best of luck to you. Hope today's a better day
  10. wallychaser

    Best bday gift ever!

    Awesome birthday for sure congrats
  11. wallychaser

    Fat Otisco eye

  12. wallychaser

    Oswego 6/16

    Great info Thanks Capt Rich, might give it a try Thursday. Will post results.
  13. wallychaser

    Chasing Elusive Eyes

    Great job the eyes haven't been easy up there this year.
  14. wallychaser

    Memorial Weekend

    Nice work kids look like they had fun, that's what counts