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  1. Was there yesterday......definitely need boots !!!!
  2. Was there last Friday 5/17....definitely need waders
  3. Fished Black River Bay yesterday.....1 small mouth, not another bite all day. Lots of debris floating
  4. Del Gue......we were there as well Wednesday. Trolled for 8 hours from 10fow out to 50fow never had a hit all day
  5. Thoughts and prayers for a complete and speedy recovery.
  6. Great job Hachimo Guess it's all hitting the right spot on the right day with the right gear. we'll be back up that way to try again soon. Tight lines!!
  7. Thanks for the replies. Guess we just haven't hit the lake on the right day yet this year. We don't fish weekends so boat traffic shouldn't be the issue altho there does seem to be more boats around during the week than previous years. Water temps (surface) have ranged from 43-49* about the same as before. We haven't changed anything gear/boat wise. We'll keep working at it. Thanks again for the input, much appreciated.
  8. Went out west out of Mexico Pt yesterday, fished 8 fow to 40 fow, mix of spoons and sticks 1.5 to 2.5 mph using 4 inline planer boards and 2 drop shots off the corners. Landed 1 brown. Seems the same set up the past couple of years worked perfectly consistently catching 10, 12 or more fish each outing. Thanks for your replies and suggestions.
  9. Just wondering if anyone else is finding the brown trout fishing a struggle this spring ? The past couple of years we've done really well at both spots landing browns, this year not so much. Same everything....much different results. Is it us or has something changed with the fish/lake?
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