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  1. Send me your info I will pay the shipping on 2 Daiwas
  2. I will take 2 of the Daiwa 47lc if still available.
  3. So sorry to read this, but glad everyone is safe. Thanks for sharing your story and reminding us all of the importance of having life vests readily accessible.
  4. Good job on the catching and spelling
  5. Sorry, just couldn't help myself
  6. That would be Oneida by the way
  7. As of last week there was no problem launching or parking at Wright's Landing, plenty of room
  8. Yes you can launch and park your truck/trailer in the lot. We launch our 23' out of there frequently, no problem. Good luck.
  9. X2 was out of Mexico yesterday, 1 laker no other hits in 8 hours
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