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  1. Dang it, wish the boat wasn't up for the winter WTG fellas
  2. Merry Christmas and a happy HEALTHY New Year to all !!! Thank you to all those working today to keep us safe !!!
  3. JD.....Thank you to your nephew and family for his service and sacrifice to our country!! God bless
  4. Brand new Nikon BDC Reticle Black Rifle Scope 3-9x40 with rings $200 315-338-8594
  5. Not just a good idea, it's the law !!! Nov 1st till May 1st
  6. Send me your info I will pay the shipping on 2 Daiwas
  7. I will take 2 of the Daiwa 47lc if still available.
  8. So sorry to read this, but glad everyone is safe. Thanks for sharing your story and reminding us all of the importance of having life vests readily accessible.
  9. Good job on the catching and spelling
  10. Sorry, just couldn't help myself
  11. That would be Oneida by the way
  12. As of last week there was no problem launching or parking at Wright's Landing, plenty of room
  13. Yes you can launch and park your truck/trailer in the lot. We launch our 23' out of there frequently, no problem. Good luck.
  14. X2 was out of Mexico yesterday, 1 laker no other hits in 8 hours
  15. Another retired law enforcement officer here, thank you for the support. Our men and women in law enforcement/military put their lives on the line everyday for us. Yes there are a few bad apples in the mix, but the majority are there to protect and serve. Praying this violence ends sooner rather than later, with no more lives lost and no more property destroyed.
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