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  1. Forgot to mention that probe will seem to be ok. Ex: red light will still come on showing probe is ok but you wont get any downspeeed or down temp if it blew. Only surface info. It costs $175 just to send it back to fishhawk and they will tell you it cant be fixed. Always make sure connection is good before installing batteries.
  2. Its a small little black disconnect inside the chamber that the battery holder goes into. ( inside the clear part of probe. ) . make sure you remove the batteries first and always before re connecting if it came apart.
  3. No fleas yet. wrights is closed for summer except for launch. No docking
  4. When you changed the battery did the disconnect come apart ? There is a little disconnect on the wires to the battery holder. if the disconnect came apart you must plug back in before putting batteries in. if you put batteries in and then try to connect and its the wrong way it kills the probe. you will need to buy a new probe. ive had this happen to me and a few other friends. Have talked to fishawk about this. it doesn't tell you in directions to make sure disconnect is hooked up before putting in batteries. sounds like you've got the same problem we had
  5. Ill take them for $130.00 I am in glens falls area
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