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  1. Just want to say thanks for all the ideas, help and invites. Sorry I haven’t been able to take advantage of the invites as neither weather or my schedule have been good. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I know that you said that you were heading up to Mexico. May I ask what are you are in? Who knows maybe invite you to join me on the finger lakes on my boat once I have it done and at the doc..
  3. I can try// my cousin just said that my Aunt will be at Upstate Med to get a stint putin so I amy take a day off to go see her if I can...
  4. I am out of town this weekend but will see if I can free up next..
  5. Thanks and I will take them up on it.. I know that you said that you would be up next weekend but not sure of the area?
  6. Wow thanks, what day and where will you ge going out from?
  7. GM did the t-top come on your boat or is it something that you added? Would love to find one just like that when I can recover some $$.
  8. Awesome in 2 ways. Advice on equipment and pics of what my rig could look like with a t-top- next years big buy
  9. Snow in April. Doesn’t mama nature know we want the boats docked and lines ready to go
  10. Great so far. New systems and wiring almost done.
  11. Well, I will be taking you up on one of them.. When all is set with my noat and gear I would like to arrange a full day. I will let you know when I have everything set... thanks
  12. thanks for the speed tip.. I was thinking if I could't I would add a troiling plate
  13. Ok great, right now they don't so I will cap and shrink wrap both,,
  14. Thanks,, I jumped and invited my brothers to fly in to fish so gotta have things ready for when the take me up on the offer.. ok, I am doing it for me and they can use it all if they ask nicely..
  15. just picked up a pair of Penn 209 LC so.. but now I need to stop before I can't pay my bills
  16. building my stock of things to install: New Garmin Echmap 74SV, VHF radio that I picked up on craigslist (new mast to go with it), some red led's strips that I will put in the recesed pold holders for night fishing.. Just need the snow to go away so I can rig it up..
  17. great thanks.. so not needed. That's what I was hoping for.
  18. I got a great deal on a pair of Penn Fathom-Master 825's BUT the wiring was cut and the owner only used the + and - wires to run the riggers.. Now there are 4 wires in the harness so any one have an ised as to what the other 2 wires are for? I am trying to find the manuals for these on line but hoped that someone has a knowledge of these..
  19. I am working on these.. nice package of some 200 plus spoons along with a bunch of other items, boards, rods and etc....
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