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  1. I was just on their site and look like a cool tool.. will need to check into these once I can get the boat rigged and gear..
  2. is this something that is attached to the rigger ball to get that reading? I just bought a Garmin echmap 7sv and am not sure if that can be added or not...
  3. nothing on the down temp but I will need to look into it
  4. wow in just this short time I have just about everything I need to get going all arranged.. what a site!!
  5. and here I thought getting the boat was the expensive part of all this
  6. thanks it looked like they were gone but I just told him that if they are still for sale I could be there a week from Sat to get them...
  7. If these are not sold I would like to see about getting them from you? I could come up a week from this Sat to pick them up...
  8. Not sure yet.. I was thinking Oswego through Sudus Bay
  9. I just pick up a 94 Pro-Line 170 and some gimble mounts so I can use the rod holders to old the downriggers. wanted to make them easy to remove when just out for a ride. The riggers are penn phantoms with the long booms and swivel mounts..
  10. great thanks. Just started to remove the Hummingbird 788 ci unit that came with the boat... I still have to get the riggers mounted, wired etc... with the weather warming up like this it may be an early start to the boating season
  11. Newby here. I have a new to me Pro-Line 170 and will be new to fishng the finger lakes and lake Ontario. Plan on getting into salmon, lakers, trout etc but am also new to downrigger fishing. I have started to outfit the boat and have adding 2 Penn Fantoms, Garmin echmap sv 7, VHF and am now looking for ideas on gear and other stuff,,, Would love to fnid some good dependable used rods, soons etc,, to kick all of this off...
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