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  1. If I can sneak out of work on time I am thinking of going out tonight..
  2. Well for a bit I’ll be doing the listen to the downriggers wire. Hope to be doing so this weekend Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. You beat me to it but I was thinking of trying the same thing. Picked up some walleye rigs to drag on the bottom Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. A little high to add this year but may put it on my x-mas list along with the t-top for the boat...
  5. Awesome fish. Now that I have part of a clue as to what I am doing I hope to get more pics to take Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. I can give that setup a gp.. not sure where sheldrake is though
  7. ok I was thinking maybe the speed was the issue thanks
  8. ok I have 2 penn riggers and pucked up spoons, dippsy's, flys etc..off a guy on this site to get me started. I have a Garmin 7sv for a finder.. the slowest I can get the boat down to is about 2.4 mph so I am going to start dragging a bucket..
  9. Time to scream. 4 miles of trolling using spoofs and flys. Out deep and repalas and was skunked again. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. great thanks.. hope to post fish pics by the end of the weekend
  11. I'll have the boat at Johnson's boat yard and head up to the cliffs on the East. I have no issues with going somewhere else as I am really clueless and feeling my way through this until I find fish and get them to bite..
  12. Thanks for leaving it for me this weekend
  13. Nice,, I can't wait to get my first fish in my new to me boat
  14. Going out on the weekend and just will be dragging buckets. My boat speed seems to be in the 2.4-2.8 and will see what it takes to bring it down a bit. Im out of Ithaca so any hints are where the browns are this time of year. Thanks
  15. Thank you. This is definitely not 1000 island fishing.
  16. thanks.. was planning on spending some time casting around the docks and such on my next trip out what were you using may I ask?
  17. ok.. boat runs about 2.4-2.8 mph.. trying different Rapela with anand not a hitd without leader, spoons on a swivel with an attractor and still not a hit.. so I am lost on what I need to do to put a fich in the boat...
  18. Thanks so next time out I will go deep and keep my fingers crossed..
  19. Hi there.. new to the lake fishing and trying to sort these fish out. I am docked in Ithaca and so far have been trolling 18-30 feet using stick baits, spoons and rattles and nothing.. not even a bass so I have never gotten a brown or laker and would love to find out what I should be doing.. thanks for any tips
  20. great thanks... and I will check the other pages as well
  21. So, been trolling out of Ithaca area. Tried spoons, sticks and spinners in anything from 12-45 feet and so far I am striking out. Any tips of what I should be trying? Tried jigging for the first time today as well but didn't mark anything in 75-110'.... thanks for any tips?
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