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  1. Coming in from CLE Fri AM, staying until Sun. If weather dictates I will stay Sun night until roads are safe to head back. I will bring a book and extra beer!
  2. Just got 3 sets of carbontex drag washers from Smoothdrag in CA. Dawn does not list them but I took one down GL 47lc and made sure the new ones fit, and they DO! Yes parts are not longer readily available. Matsreelrepair.com and Tunareeltroubles.com still have some parts and Dawn can set you up with replacement drag washers.
  3. I am referring to the Great Lakes 47LC. Diawa has a Sealine 47lc, Not the same internals as the older Great Lakes designated model. As far the carbon fiber replacement washers. Andy Copenhaver of Tuna's Reel Troubles I believe IS Dragmaster's. He is both Tuna's Reel Troubles and DRAGMASTERS. Hope that clarifies it. DragMasters does not have carbon fiber (Dragmaster) replacements for the Great Lakes 47 anymore. Smoothdrag in California does on request. Dragmaster from Tuna's Reel Troubles (Andy) does have CF washers for the Sealine 47lc. Tight Lines, Chris
  4. I believe Andy at tuna's reel Troubles is Dragmasters, I checked ebay once and it was the same.
  5. www.smoothdrag.com does not list carbontex drag washers but I emailed and was told they do sell them for $11.50. I just ordered 3 sets, not sure the shipping. I also just got from a friend 2 GL47lc he hardly used and the felt washers are like new in there. Now I have to compare new washers to new carbon fiber from smoothdrag and see how that goes. I guess it is better to have at least one option for these drag washers.
  6. Wallaholic, the ebay listing for carbon fiber drag washers is not for the Great Lakes model 47 line counter but the SG47lc. Not the same internal components. I have seen tutorials on youtube for making your own from a sheet of carbon fiber and Andy does sell the sheets for those who what to do this.
  7. Looking for one B,J. multi axis triple with or w/o base. Ship to CLE or I can pick up in Niagara Falls next week.
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