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  1. I put all kinds of stuff on my rig and it works well
  2. I said before I’d donate some spoons to this I have a new spoon that we absolutely hammered fish with this past weekend I will put in the mix I donate
  3. I was just under it last Saturday I would say 8 foot
  4. Father’s Day sale happening now! Order 5 or more get one free. Order 10 or more get free shipping(US ONLY). Get your order in today!
  5. Stan if ya need bead chain I will send ya some
  6. Here’s a new one and it catches fish
  7. Well I guess I have to call stivers again cause the couple people I have asked if they passed out my spoons for a prize never heard about them so I’m gonna find out where they went
  8. This what my screen looked like I lost a ten plus rainbow at the boat Saturday caught lots of small fish
  9. I use lead core but I was also running my riggers up high
  10. He all ready got them she should be over it
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