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  1. jkalailieff,

    That is right, even though it has been proven that all wolves in Ontario are a mixture of wolf 

    , coyote and domestics dogs. We in Canada protect them because it is the right thing to do.

  2. I think bait piles and night shooting would be good in Canada, but our government says it will take care of us, we will shorten the season and lower the bag limit. My first moose licensed was for cow calf or bull, and my hunting buddies had the same. Now I hunt in a party of six and if we get a tag we are lucky and we hunt with bows.

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  3. I Ontario we have very few road kills for a bait pile. The Jack rabbits are scarce ,wild turkey numbers are down and deer numbers are down. I  had nice den of foxes which my dog played with and mice killed the foxes and would have killed my dog if I hadn't got him to a vet in time . I believe it was tape worm. Coyotes are killers and need to be thinned out in Ontario.

  4. I don't know much about that end of Lake Ontario. Lake Erie this time of year you go out into 65 ft. of water close to the USA and Canadian border. fish the down riggers around 30 ft. repillin  red fines is a good bait on a long lead 50-100 ft back and long lines with  a deep diving imitation fish. I fished some out of Erieau or 

    Rondeau park.

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