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  1. Fall Moose hunt with my three sons and a nephew netted a bull moose with a bow, near Fort Frances ON. Bow hunting Moose with a bow is a challenge. If my boys forward some pictures I'll try and add them latter.

  2. Depending on the ramp, if the back end of boat is still floating a little it will end as your picture. Pull ahead 1ft. and re tighten, do this two or three times as you pull out and it should end up tight. I have a roller trailer and can pull it after it is out of the water. 

  3. Hi smokercraft , me and my boat are like you have been off the water for awhile but we are both supposed to be fixed up. I see you fish on the right side of Lake Ontario, I used to fish off the four stacks at Toronto. Its been awhile so will have to learn again. On a nice day I may be out for a boat ride.22' starcraft islander.

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