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  1. larry jones knows musky very well but not a fly in trip look him up under mostly musky charters
  2. nice smallie heading out to the catt now going to try in shallow first see if I can find some pigs
  3. i was out Friday at the Catt only managed 6 tough bite lately don't know where the fish all went will try again sunday morning
  4. yes been a couple rough days hoping to give it a go tomorrow morning out of the Catt will be out most of the week trying to fill the freezer full
  5. yes we have been doing well a it west of the Catt with easy limits most days
  6. looking for a REM 45 marine radio receiver
  7. I have a 268 sport fisherman sloid boats you should have o problem selling her good luck
  8. is the probe still for sale would you be willing to take 250 and ship it to me have paypal pm me going out on water now will check back later today
  9. I had a 2007 that I loved to death upgraded to a albemarlee 286 and don't regret it someone is going to get a nice rig
  10. nice job putting the boat in tomorrow at the catt
  11. heading to Chautauqua lake to try the night bite
  12. water temp is 37 and yes u should look at posts on leu ice in buffalo needto go west for ice free conditions
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