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  1. can u get the model number on the okuma rods please
  2. okso I need to send money n then u send product need address n I will send money
  3. looking to get 2 of the 12.5 lb weights shipped to me do u accept paypal
  4. looking to get 2 of the 12.5 lb weights do u take paypal
  5. if the boards are still available I will take them I have paypal also
  6. larry jones knows musky very well but not a fly in trip look him up under mostly musky charters
  7. nice smallie heading out to the catt now going to try in shallow first see if I can find some pigs
  8. i was out Friday at the Catt only managed 6 tough bite lately don't know where the fish all went will try again sunday morning
  9. yes been a couple rough days hoping to give it a go tomorrow morning out of the Catt will be out most of the week trying to fill the freezer full
  10. looking for a JBL marine radio head REM 45
  11. yes we have been doing well a it west of the Catt with easy limits most days
  12. looking for a REM 45 marine radio receiver
  13. I have a 268 sport fisherman sloid boats you should have o problem selling her good luck
  14. fish hawk probe x4
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