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  1. Saturday was a beautiful day on the river. Dad and I limited out on perch in about 4 hours. Tossed back another 30-40. Could only fit about half of them on the board.
  2. Thanks for the knowledge Kevin. Your posts are alway helpful. Good luck on the water this summer.
  3. Nice job Kevin. Never fished for crappies before. Caught a couple as a kid just by chance. What conditions and bait do you usually look for and use? I’m assuming shallow water and worms, but I’m just guessing. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the help guys. My father and I tried eel bay on Tuesday. Picked up 6 perch (3 keepers) and a small mouth. Still learning the river. Fished up here all the time as a kid 30+ years ago, but all I knew back then was when the boat stopped grandpa said this is the spot and he was usually right.
  5. I bought a place between A-bay and Clayton a couple years ago, I only got out twice all last year with the flooding and once so far this year, but haven’t been able to find any perch. If anyone has any suggestions of places to try in this area or depths I should be trying I would appreciate it. Also, I typically used worms and minnows. Should I be trying something else? Thanks for any help.
  6. That was interesting to see. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Jason F

    SLR perch

    Nice job Kevin. If you don't mind me asking what depth were you finding them? I have been out 4 times in the past couple weeks fishing all different depths between A-bay and Clayton and haven't caught anything. I was thinking that maybe it was to early. I just just bought a place up there 2 years ago so I'm still learning the area. The last time I fished the river was about 25 years ago. Any advice would be be greatly appreciated.
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