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  1. Make sure your bait head is rolling. You want a nice tight roll. You may have to give an extra bend to the head, or trim your meat. Position the hook even with the end of the tail. Make sure the hook is pinned in place very well. If the hook starts to slide up, it will change the action.
  2. Wire won't keep the fleas off all together, but it's better than braid. You can usually reel through them. We have also had wire get in the spools on our Cold water reels, just make sure to keep tension on the line and you should be alright
  3. Keep tension on the spool. Put the rod in a holder and use your drag to maintain constant pressure on as you feed out the line to the desired lead length.
  4. Just shipped 9 today, only 6 left!
  5. 11 are pending, only 4 are not yet spoken for!
  6. Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback
  7. Hi guys, I fish Lake Ontario all the time, where we occasionally stumble upon an Atlantic or two. Now I've got the itch to try specifically for Atlantic's in Cayuga. I have never been to any of the finger lakes to fish. Any suggestions where to launch, and what works best this time of year? Also, how's the boat traffic? I am guessing it gets pretty busy around Memorial Day?
  8. We used to wrap them around one of the thick pool noodles, and secured with hair scrunchies or other elastic bands
  9. That looks like a standard pipe nipple. Try checking home depot / lowes for a threaded flange. Standard 150# flanges should have 4 bolt holes, although they're not spread real far apart. You're probably going to want to through bolt that with some 1/4" aluminum plate on the bottom side of your deck and/or mount the flange to a piece of steel/aluminum to make a larger flanged area on top.
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