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  1. Thanks both. Shawn will be looking and her soon! Hope to be fishing from my new rig in 3 weeks!
  2. Anyone know of a good surveyor around Syracuse NY? I have an offer accepted with a contingency and want to get a survey. Looking for a reputable guy
  3. I agree with the OP - Does anyone know where we can launch? Are there private launches anywhere? I wont engage in the debate around Cuomo or Covid. Too many opinions, insufficient facts. But.... I would like to isolate myself on the water!
  4. Last weekend, my Dads buddy allowed a reel to go overboard while trolling a stick-bait in Erie for eyes. 30 min latter, while on a troll, his lure snagged the lure on his lost rod and managed to retrieve it. Seems like an impossible coincidence.
  5. Agree - I get going down wind when possible. My CC T-top is like a sail in a cross wind. Actually, my rookie mate went to neutral - no idea why, but that is when the mess started. I started to clear lines now too when I hook something of size. Too often they wrap around a down-rigger. Not worth it - but it does make a solo hunt interesting. Steering, clearing and reeling all with two hands!
  6. Walleye, Thanks for the smiles this AM - Glad the Sh-- Show I can put together is not a curse of only me. Never lost a rod, but man have I given others a show at times. I had a nice brown on once while running 6 lines. By the end, 4 of the 6 lines were all on the same fish, and both planer boards were running on the same side of the boat. I wold need a go-pro to tell you how the heck I managed that. There was a guy trolling next to me just stop and laugh! I blame gail winds, and a rookie first mate. I also have a bass swimming around I-Bay with my stinger in it's jaw - let me know should you ever see that one!
  7. A few guys at the office all said the only guys they heard of that did any good on kings were out over 400 FOW. Man - It gets lonely out that far. I fish a 19' CC, so dont like going out that far - although it has been known to happen. I also ended the day at Bayside - No bad days of fishing!
  8. Hey leadhead, I went out for most the day on 8/25 - Not good - 1 Laker. Set up in 80 FOW - a few hits on spoons that didn't hook up. Went out to 250 FOW - no action, no marks, Slow troll in - had a few cold beers anyway. Dropped the gear to the bottom and managed 1 laker - so I didnt get skunked - But a tough day for me. Anyone else do any good out of I-Bay? I ran meat / Spoons / Flys - Only action was on spoons out on 10 colors.
  9. Crestliner - Nor do I want to hijack the post - but curious. I have two mag 5's. Like the size since I run a 19' Key West. but. One year in, they are full of water and short out. Closest place to get service is fairhaven. Wondering id a $400 rigger is worth service or the car ride. Have you ever had or heard of that problem. I replaced some old mag10's that had to have 20 years on them. The wiring was getting old, blowing fuses and were dead slow coming up from 100'. No I wish I would have just rebuilt the mag 10's
  10. Nice!! I went out Sunday too and it was too windy for my 19', so I stayed in I-Bay. Got a nice Northern and a 27" Eye and 7 hours of fun. (well that and a few Drum just to trash my tackle). I am glad i didnt go out deep for the salmon hunt as I got to learn in shallow water that my 1yr old Cannon has failed -
  11. yep. That was lily a big problem for me - I recall commenting how much of an angle the lines were - more than I had ever seen - Appreciate it - net thing to watch. Anyone got thoughts on the time of day for these guys. Is it completely random? I have had good morning hits with dead afternoons, lousy days with good evening bite - Any tricks there, or just grind it out and put in the time (which is not problem for me - I always say a **** day on the water beats a text from the ex)
  12. UpGrady - Great tip - Thanks!! I was for sure on a horrible track - Lines were 15-20deg off my track. Just never thought about that one - seems kinda dumb now.
  13. Hemmerin' 'em: Thanks: Great info. I spoke to FH - they say the Merc 115 I have is know to be very noisy - The sonar gets feedback and then glitches the system and it shuts off. But.... Plugs are cheap and UR correct - If I am investing in all this gear, time and gas, not sure the plugs will even hit the radar. Question - Do you verify the speed on the FH with GPS at the surface each time? I got to the point I was not sure I trusted the FH. I get skunked 3-4 trips a year and hate it. My first season took 20 trips before my first fish... So progress!! Thanks for the info on the lead lengths - I think I tend to run riggers short.
  14. I have never played with leads on my riggers. But my std set-up wold be around 20'-30'. Never done more than that. hat lead do you run on your diver? I run them, but they are my least productive set-up. 10 colors of lead is my best in spring - but as the fish get deeper, they stop working. Do you play with diver colors too? Very much appreciated Tomy!
  15. Hey all - been reading these posts for a few years - never posted. Started fishing 5 years ago - so still a newbie as I do not do enough catching. fish from a 19' Keywest CC and mostly salmon hunt. Learned enough to start putting fish in the boat a few years ago, and spring fishing has been good to me the last few years. Managed a skunking Saturday morning (8am - noon) and wanted to avoid that this weekend. I struggle this time of the year - I saw boats from 60' to 200' and everywhere in-between. I worked from 80' to 150', marked most fish around 120' ran spoons and flashers (Silver / Green / purple / red) for 4 hours 60-90' down. Ran North, South east and West - Nothing! Deeper water? Shallower water? Meat? I don't have or know how to run meat heads and don't have or know how to run copper. I have 2 riggers, I typically run #3 dipsies out 280' and will let out 10 colors of lead on my 2 long lines. my thought is the lead runs 60', the riggers I run 70' and 80' and the divers are getting near 90'. any advise is greatly appreciated - still figuring it out! I was thinking the currents and down speeds may have been a problem - it was a good blow Sat and not sure of the speeds down below - I have a fishhawk, but dont use it as my old Merc seems to put out so much noise, it keeps effecting the FishHawk sonar feed. I put noise reducing plugs in the motor, but they last about 20 hours of run time and it does it again. I was running 2.5-3.0 on the surface. Thanks all for any input - Tight lines to all!
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