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  1. Like to come take a look but its 450 miles along I90 lake effect this time year. Im in central Ohio.
  2. Where is boat located? Im in central Ohio.. Thanks
  3. Ok, Is the top original or an add on? Any covers or snap on tops to fit? Engine a 120 Merc? Any hull issues? Im in central Ohio. Where is boat loacated?
  4. Still have it? Looks like a Starcraft Supersport with 120Merc. Thanks
  5. What engine is in it and price? Location? Thanks
  6. You have snap on rain fly or cover to fit the top? Lake Erie can be nasty real quick. Outdrive OK? Not a Mercruiser I see. Location? Thanks
  7. Looks nice! Any hull dents or other issues? Engine in good condition? Fish finder? No kicker I take it. Trailer Ok? Like to look at it but Im in Ohio. Plane to use it on Lake Erie. Any offers so far? Thanks
  8. 2stroke engine? Price? Location? Transom condition? Thanks!
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