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  1. I have heard early season the snaller musky come in from the lake so chance of catching one is greater early season, later in midle nov to dec closing the chance of catching a once in a life time fish is greater....there are some great videis out on how to properly release one. I would highly recommend learning that before you catch one...the musky population got hammered some years back so every musky is precious...
  2. Matter of fact every nov 1st im gonna play gordan lightfoot edmund fitzgerald...lol
  3. Yes it happened from the 11/1 storm... was a lot of debris, might have been your dock peices in the river...lol... that was a brutal storm.. i heard 3 ft storm surge, 6 ft waves in the river, 29 ft waves on the lake.. we are in sand bay about half way between the cape and clayton
  4. I got on the wrong boat sunday.... son of a.....awesome fish, we picked up a bunch of small bass
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