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  1. New offer - I will now pay all of entire shipping cost, and in addition I will drop down cost of entire package including mounts, to a new total of $325 delivered to you. I'm kind of new at this stuff. I will set up Pay Pal account to make it all 100% risk free to you. Please advise, thanks.
  2. Thanks, but I need to sell the mounts with the tracks as one package together. Do you still want me to check shipping price today? I'm still willing to work with you on shipping cost.
  3. Looks like Middlebury, Connecticut? I'd be shipping from Holland, Michigan. I'm sure we could work something out for total delivered price. I'd be willing to split the shipping cost with you (I'd cover half the shipping.) I've only got rough shipping estimates on line, and will get exact best shipping cost tomorrow. I'll bring tracks and mounts to UPS for exact quote and let you know. Does that sound OK?
  4. 3 years of using Traxtech tracks plus brackets on an aluminum Tracker with "Versatrack" groove engineered into boats at factory. No issues whatsover and had manual Cannon 2' and then Big Jon electric 2' downriggers. Tossed around hard in Lake Michigan, sometimes 13# cannonballs bumping bottom, with 200' - 400' coppers, and triple rods trees, all mounted into the tracks, and tracks are still solid as a rock. Please you may want to consider: 1) Use all the holes available in the track that you can, not just how much hardware they give you. Tracks are pre-threaded but I still bought longer stainless screws, fender washers, and stop nuts wherever I could. Also consider heavy duty marine adhesive, or if you're experienced, Crestliner uses heavy duty aircraft rivets and the adhesive. 2) Use as long of a single track as will fit on your boat, in order to spread out huge force. Its a real thing. 3) If you can fit stainless or aluminum backing, that also lowers your risk of all that money going overboard. 4) Go back and retighten a few times a year, to learn if anything is getting loose. 4) Most important of all, have some fun out there.
  5. Yes, I will ship. Please reply with zip code for shipping, thanks. I will get exact shipping cost and get right back to you. Thanks.
  6. NOW SOLD! THANK YOU! Two - 3 foot Traxtech Tracks and Two - 1 foot Traxtech Tracks 16 Mounts for Tracker Versatrack grooves. Can be modified for other boats. Mounting hardware included. Regular retail approx. $600 when available. Presently 4 to 6 week wait. I will sell entire package for $400 and deliver within 1 hour of Holland, Michigan. You too, can annoy the heck out of your wife, now for much lower cost. Call or email anytime. [email protected] Phone 623-451-7189 Thanks
  7. Check Traxtech website. They've got a Princecraft with track mounted. Give 'em a call. They are very helpful.
  8. Berts or Traxtech tracks are very solid and fun when installed correctly. Your wide gunnels look perfect for installation. But you GOTTA make sure they are absolutely solid. If you can get underneath the gunnel, you are lucky. Go to local smaller hardware store and tell him what you're end result is but HUGE pressure. Worst case if you can't get under gunnel is super high end Marine adhesive plus you thread your gunnel to accept screws. Hardware guy should explain. Or aluminum boat dealer parts counter. When done you should be able to swing rod holders flat over the gunnel (same position as using dipsies) and they should hold 100lbs easily in the air over the side. You can do it. Have fun!
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