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  1. I guess I could have quite a few more years ahead of be before being drawn..... sorry for derailing your post...
  2. anyone know of an outboard junkyard in the southern Fingerlakes area that might have a hydraulic tilt for an old Evinrude?
  3. Did you use an outfitter in Maine? I have been putting in for years now thinking someday my name will be drawn!
  4. Any other ideas on how to add Tilt to this motor? Tore the old Tilt assist unit off as it is stuck down and cant lift the motor anymore with it. the CMC looks nice as it it a quick bolt on and no big alterations needed.
  5. Motor only yeah all I have right now is the tilt assist and parts are freaking expensive for this older motor. I hear used CMC jackplate power tilt are around $200-$300
  6. Looking for CMC PT130 to replace my tilt assist on a 1991 evinrude 40horse let me know if you have one! Update: Turns out the cable i got to fix the tilt assist wont work because the connector is broken off the actual tilt assist where it connects!
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