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  1. I doubt I’ll have a better handle on fish location and preference than you, but your always welcome to any ideas I have! Lord knows you put us on fish more than a few times. See you at docks in.
  2. I use Sam’s Club Duracell branded AGMs group 31 run around $160 and are great.
  3. There’s just enough room for three batteries in there. Thanks! Ordering some 90 degree aluminum stock to make a bracket out of now. I would have never thought of it without the help!
  4. Wow! That would solve a lot of my storage problems, I’ll look at it when I get home from work. Do you remember how involved it was? Just screwed in, or would it involve a sawzall?
  5. Sorry, I got busy today. I’ll give you a ring tomorrow if that’s convenient for you.
  6. Thanks! I plan on doing something similar. I was thinking about putting a quick connect on the filler to switch it out, but just sticking the hose on might be just as effective and easier.
  7. It’s 20.5 to the end of the bracket. It’ll be fished hard, I don’t abuse anything, but I don’t baby it either.
  8. I mainly use the minn Kota for pulling harnesses, and only use the kicker when using the downriggers or when more speed/power is needed. I always locked it into position and steered with the trolling motor on my old boat, it worked well, and I planned to do the same with the new one. I probably don’t “need” them, but it was just so easy to slow down the boat and troll (actually more of a controlled drift) with the wind then fighting it with the kicker on snotty days.
  9. I’m in the process of setting up my new boat. I’m have a pretty good idea of how I want to set it up from hours of sitting in the old one and thinking. But you never know what you miss in planning, or don’t know exists equipment wise. I fish for walleyes 95% of the time. I pull harnesses on bottom bouncers 80% of that time, crankbaits on in-line boards once in awhile, and Jig and live bait fish the rest. I’ll try to put a list together of the add ons I’ve done so far, or the ones I’m planning to accomplish before ice out, and I’ve attached pics of the layout. What I have done: - Ulterra 112lb 36v trolling motor mounted on the bow. - 3 group 31 agm batteries and a 3 bank charger mounted under step between consoles -2 group 31 agm batteries mounted in the transom w/ switch What I have, but haven’t installed it yet: -2 24” Cisco tracks for transom -2 48” Cisco tracks for gunnels -2 24” Cisco tracks for bow -2 4” bert’s downrigger pedestals w/ cannon swivel bases w/ mag10’s -2 Cannon dual axis rod holders - 6 Bert’s ratcheting rod holders - 2 high seas adjustable rod trees - Humminbird helix9 si -Mercury kicker 9.9 -pedestal base for bow mounted remote controlled spotlight -Gunnel mounted LED bars for night fishing What I need to purchase: - 1-2 fishfinders I’m planning on either mounting my current 9si on the dash and mounting a 12 on the stern for trolling, or mounting a 7 on the dash and 2 9’s on the stern(one for sonar, one for mapping) -Ethernet connections and mounting configurations for said sonar (I was thinking ballzout for dash and a ram swing arm for transom) - I had a trolling plate on my old boat. It worked great for one purpose, slowing the boat down when going with the wind with the electric trolling motor when it was nasty. I really don’t want to drill this new motor, and the offshore bracket probably makes deploying it kind of tricky. I’d like to get trolling bags for this purpose, and was looking at the Amish 15” version. Thoughts? - a quick connect for the live well filler to turn it into a wash down pump (it was a $1000 option, a little rich for my blood) I’ll probably just make this myself, but if anyone has any ideas or know of a commercial kit of some sort I’m all ears. Any ideas, or suggestions are appreciated! I’m trying to do it right, but not break the bank. It’s going to be a great boat to fish out of, but if I go full bore I’ll be sleeping in it as well.
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