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  1. Yes it was and people didn't hesitate to just walk out in front of you. At least oncoming traffic was very polite and waited instead of making a 2 lane road a 4-lane mess.
  2. Launched out of Long Point yesterday. Made a run South and trolled north, past the point up to just past the college and then turned and headed back south. Marked a TON of bait and fish between 75-120fow, felt like I threw the kitchen sink at them today (spoons, fasher/fly, sticks). Threw some 5 color lead core with shallow diving sticks on the outsides, but managed grass and fleas). While we marked many, many fish and saw many lookers, we only managed one laker right in front of the point off a rigger. While I'm happy to have picked up my first action on my new boat and got to see my son catch in his first laker, we're leaving a lot of lookers in the water. I'm not sure if the balls are spooking them (12b cannon with flasher tape), or if I'm running too far forward or back? Varied speed from 1.8 to 2.5. I'll figure it out, regardless, it was an absolutely beautiful day on the water. There was a larger boat trolling a bit faster than us and overtook us coming from the college back to the point while my father-in-law was driving, he tried cutting in behind them as they headed out deeper to follow the shelf out. I had to tell him to stay on their side and follow them out, I wasn't running over lines, especially if they had copper out. Whoever that was, sorry if we made you pucker a little, as soon as I saw him steering in behind I told him no, get out and away. Also - I found the fleas horrible! Gobs of them all over mono and rigger cables. I found north of the point had a lot more junk and grass floating in the water, had to pull lines multiple times to clear junk and fleas. Tight lines!
  3. Sorry to hijack this, but can anyone tell me if you can launch at any time at Long Point (before they 'open')? Do you just pay when you leave? I'm an early bird myself and can't stand getting to places late, so probably 5-6AM is the ballpark I'd be looking at.
  4. Looking good! I sprayed Tuff Coat on my new floor (after two coats of epoxy). Surprisingly easier to do than I thought it would be (keep the air pressure low or the rubber bounces everywhere. Keep up the good work!
  5. Found some on ebay bud, from NLA. $35 plus 3 bucks shipping. Search for 60292A1 coupler.
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