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  1. I usually do a 25 ft leader of 30# for anything with a flasher, and then a little longer of 20# for spoons. If you have swivels that you can reel in use those but otherwise I use Alberto knot and have never had a problem
  2. Yes, we have two rods and reels we use with braid, helps with blowback a little bit, and if fleas are bad we just splice more line in
  3. Last few trips we’ve gone out we’ve had our best luck with mag moonshine spoons
  4. We’re 6/9, started at 80 and went to 280, between 40 to 70 down, bite died after 8
  5. Went out to 400, lost one steelhead and landed one smaller king, a few marks but not many takers
  6. We’ve been between 220 and 300, 5 for 5 about 30 down, not marking anything deeper than 45
  7. Recently got a planer mast and was wondering what boards to get, it came with 1 riviera dual foldable board
  8. Mr 580 & sk8man Thanks so much for the replies, greatly appreciated
  9. Do you happen to know if they make dual rod holders for them?
  10. Definitely a slow retrieve, but run good and no issues with them
  11. Got these downriggers from a friend last year without a manual. Not sure if the model of the one is a digitroll II or if that’s just the control panel. Also wondering what size weights they can handle, currently running 10 pounds but would like to go heavier. TIA
  12. Yeah saw that, was hoping with the W/SW winds it wouldn’t be too bad, will have to keep an eye on it
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