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  1. Congratulations. Always enjoy your reports. And I tip my hat to you for donating your winnings. If you don’t mind me asking. How far back do you run your gear behind the downriggers? And what size dipsy’s Do you use #1 or magnum? Thanks
  2. On the elite I can change what frequency I use it at. Found on The O I can’t use the 200khz. I use the med chirp or the 83khz setting. Also there are different modes. Fresh, shallow, deep, slow troll, fast troll..........etc. (Lowrance does such a good job describing what each mode does...NOT!). I found fresh or slow troll with the above frequencies works best. Then you can adjust the sensitivity to dial it in. Hope this helps
  3. I have an elite ti2. New this year that I had troubles with and had to figure out. What help do you need?
  4. Thanks. We were down 85 and 75 on riggers. Started in 280 out to 410 then back into 300 to 330
  5. How deep were you running? We went 3/3 on 2 year old kings spoon bite 75’ down. Also caught 8 bows and lost 1
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