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  1. Alright guys thanks and I’ll let u know how I do like always....but ya this year has sucked but better than working I’ll let you know what I find
  2. Headed down tonight for the weekend solo trip so going to fish with my cousin anything new happening
  3. That’s what I found too a week ago seamed better to fish where there were no fish lol
  4. You got a picture of the one you landed must have been a nice one those screamers always are
  5. Slow but exciting day to say the least that’s awesome when they scream like that😁
  6. Hey I don’t know what u are running now but if I were you don’t get Okuma cold water the price is good but personally I think there junk from experience not just me either couple other guys I know too the amount u fish I wouldn’t recommend them but some guys like them
  7. No I got it saved if you need help I’ll come get ya but hopefully you can hold out for about 4 hours I’m home so hopefully it’s not a serious problem 😂.... savage and I are watching deadliest catch lol I’d love to do that at least once!!!!
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