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  1. That’s where I’ve been launching from I can’t handle Mexico on weekends anymore I’d start in 150 in front of big river work your way north
  2. 145 to 150 in front of dunes all fish were takin 100 and deeper dipsys and riggers
  3. Living 4 hours away wish I could fish more than just weekends but enjoy the time I do get !!!
  4. Weekend trip done fished Friday and Saturday bite for me was slow but ended 11 for 17 not great had couple browns one small Atlantic and 3 little kings through back but had few nice fish with big fish being 21.10 cant complain
  5. Ya it is especially in ****ty weather nice to hear!!!
  6. Ya me too last Saturday I didn’t do bad I only fished the morning ended up with 4 between 15 to 18 lbs but nothing like weekend before Hopefully good water came in ...we’ll see I guess that’s why it’s called fishing not catching 😂
  7. Yes very expensive I can’t think of another outdoor sport that cost as much unless u go on a guided moose hunt or something every year 😂
  8. What did fish come on and we’re both fish taken in 110 fow straight out from the pond
  9. Nice fish bud and very true about the addiction!!!!!!
  10. Headed out tonight wondering what’s new or if anything thanks
  11. Thanks so much for sharing glad everyone is ok makes me really think about fishing a lot differently when u here something like this whole new outlook!!!!!
  12. What’s the fish and temps looking like out there still a lot of fish shallow or any changes thanks
  13. Cool nice job bud I didn’t fish my boats not really made to fish in 5 footers lol glad your boats going good
  14. I fished 130 to 145 all sd and fly bite sorry about your boat that sucks
  15. Slow for us too out in out in front of the dunes nothing like last weekend but still put some in the box hopefully my wife’s rms get tired soon I might be able to reel on one lol dog had better time too no hooks lol
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