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  1. It also goes deeper on 3 there is a chart that they make for the setting and depth depending on size of diver your using
  2. 3 will get u a little more but that’s as far as they go u may have another half a setting but never heard of anyone say they ran 3 1/2 dipsy setting but I guess u could u gotta remember further you let it out the farther away it gets
  3. Unfortunately for me the fighting the fish part is over my wife come out this year for the first time and she can’t get enough rod hog lol but no better feeling
  4. Ya I do lol don’t mind helping I remember times when I could have used help and never got any and it sucked so figure I skip the really hard part for some people don’t catch em all though leave some out there for me 😁
  5. No problem and more than likely I’ll be out there to so feel free to ask
  6. Ya if you are comes out around the 20th I would start in front of the river and see what you find before you go further than u have to to find fish I might even set up in 80 to 85 and work out
  7. I would say pine grove still with a 17 footer on weekdays from Mexico to the dunes I’m not positive but I would say 8 miles or so it’s a ways lol
  8. Plus I’ve had all I can handle of Mexico launch on weekends and I’m not talking about guys with fishing boats I waited about 40 min few weekends ago to load my boat with the Amount of boat traffic in and out of the little salmon lot of fun 🙄 some people shouldn’t even own a boat that’s all I’m saying
  9. No not that I know of it’s a little tricky but it’s closer to the dunes I have 22 foot boat I just trim motor up until I’m in the big river
  10. I also run them on 3 and I run one off each side of my boat
  11. I would say pine grove because most of the time by then there are quite a few salmon directly in front of you when you hit the lake pine grove comes out of big salmon where a lot of fish run and if u want to fish the dunes not terribly far to go
  12. I do too and it does work but I don’t run a big heron strip off the hooks I run thin strips like the size of a trout worm on the treble so the skirt hides it just for sent and the normal ff look is not effected
  13. The dunes are two big sand dunes u can see from the lake north of the salmon river
  14. Well said and honestly all the things and tips and tricks everyone is throwing at you low baller are ways to try and put tight lipped fish in the box but unless u have a lot of money it’s all the things you acquire overs years of fishing I was fortunate enough to buy the same boat and tackle that I fished on for about 15 years from my friend who got to elderly to fish and also taught me about 98 percent of everything I know about fishing out there but I’ve been hooked for life on it
  15. I’ve had a lot of days where bite was horrible with ff or spoons of any kind and run through same fish with entire setup meat and lines exploded just a lot of trial and error but gets quite expensive too lol
  16. When they aren’t active u kinda gotta go outside the box and once u start playing around with cut bait I think u will be putting it in the water quite often
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