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  1. You got a picture of the one you landed must have been a nice one those screamers always are
  2. Slow but exciting day to say the least that’s awesome when they scream like that😁
  3. Hey I don’t know what u are running now but if I were you don’t get Okuma cold water the price is good but personally I think there junk from experience not just me either couple other guys I know too the amount u fish I wouldn’t recommend them but some guys like them
  4. No I got it saved if you need help I’ll come get ya but hopefully you can hold out for about 4 hours I’m home so hopefully it’s not a serious problem 😂.... savage and I are watching deadliest catch lol I’d love to do that at least once!!!!
  5. Ya that’s a definite they gotta start biting and or some type of bait you did good with spoons 3/8 was it all spoon bite Wednesday
  6. That’s bad !!!! Lol and now he want to offer you a loaf of banana bread that might curse the rest of the year lol
  7. Lol ya I’m sure I’ll see ya at some point bud my wife tells me the same thing....”you take this way to serious “ lol look forward to salmon season every year hate to see it go every September but always got flags flying on the ice to look forward too. Send me your number if u want and I can text ya when I’m out bud
  8. Starting to get that time of year where set up by 6 and boxed up by 930 headed for the diner this year has been crazy tough but the old saying is what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger!!!!.....or more stressed 😩 whatever comes first lol
  9. Don’t no if I’ll make it this weekend if I do it will probably be just day trip gotta take care of some family business but good luck fellas and leave some in the lake for me for me 😁
  10. I wouldn’t go 50 feet with the meat 15 to 25 off the ball should do it . calm water short ruff water longer also if your running a lot of spoons off your riggers even like 4 or more stagger your leads from the ball so it resembles a little school of bait fish and I’ve always had slightly longer leads from deepest rod up with spoons for the simple fact if u have a 15 ‘ bottom lead and three more above it when a king takes that bottom bait and goes to burn out towards the surface the fish is going to run right through all your other baits above where if it’s shorter as u get to your highest bait no matter witch bait takes the strike he can freely peel line and he has already cleared other lines
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