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  1. I’m on shore now had 3 people get sick but that’s fishing picked up at 9:45 to head in 4/9 had them matched up good too but that’s how the ball rolls
  2. Ended 3/5 only fished about 3 and a half hours wife got a little sick again there were 3-4 footers with occasional 5 when we came in about 7 o’clock don’t have a pic yet of the coho’s but I will
  3. That’s good just got to hit them when they get hungry I guess lol that’s the way it was last week they gotta eat sometime thanks for the info👍
  4. Anybody out fishing this week wondering if the fish are biting any better than this past weekend and what your finding
  5. That’s awesome nice fish I’ve had very good luck this year on white green paddle with green fly too I bet they want to go all the time now lol 👍
  6. No problem bud always good just to get out!!! No matter what the outcome ... me u and mike will have to go out sometime together I’m sure even if we don’t catch anything I’m sure we’ll catch a stomach ache from laughing 😂
  7. That’s awesome 👏 fishermen for life !!!!!! Smile’s say it all 😁
  8. Hoping to get out this afternoon but not sure way it’s looking
  9. I didn’t make it out this morning wife was sick going to give it a whirl this afternoon if it comes down a bit
  10. I think I’m going to start right in front of the river in about 80 feet and troll out
  11. Anybody out there Puttin fish in the box or is it still a blowin
  12. Same as it was Sunday morning good marks but ended up with that one laker more or less by accident running all ff combos for salmon but I have to say that’s the first time I’ve ever seen 7-8 and occasionally up to 10 foot rollers in the trench and it’s little nuts to be fishin in that **** and don’t probably plan on it anytime soon I should have takin pics lol😂
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