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  1. I didn’t make it out this morning wife was sick going to give it a whirl this afternoon if it comes down a bit
  2. I think I’m going to start right in front of the river in about 80 feet and troll out
  3. Anybody out there Puttin fish in the box or is it still a blowin
  4. Same as it was Sunday morning good marks but ended up with that one laker more or less by accident running all ff combos for salmon but I have to say that’s the first time I’ve ever seen 7-8 and occasionally up to 10 foot rollers in the trench and it’s little nuts to be fishin in that **** and don’t probably plan on it anytime soon I should have takin pics lol😂
  5. Has the lake calmed down I know weather for next couple days isn’t great but better than sitting on shore
  6. All done ended up with that one laker but ruff sea hopefully this coming weekend be little better weather but still had fun ended weekend 7/12 fished Friday , sat for few hours in the morning but mostly a was A wash and sun morning in the trench best bite was sat in 145 straight off the big river to the south dune
  7. Just boated a laker in the trench but there are still 7 -8 foot rollers in here
  8. In for lunch now but yes right in front of south dune was best 135-145 no marks on the screen every shot we took 5 for 8 this morning all ff hits
  9. Just had another one take fly off sd on dipsy screamer good bite on right now in 145
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