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  1. Thanks Sk8man, HB2 and LongLine! Appreciate the Advice!
  2. I don't disagree MR580! Can't beat the teaching of experienced fishermen and charters are a great way to do this. I fish Lake Erie, trolling for Walleye and Steelhead, so I have the basics down. Just trying to get some fine tuning tips. On Erie 6 ft fluorocarbon leaders work quite well. But that's for Walleye and Steelhead. Checking to see if Salmon and Trout are different and prefer longer leads.
  3. I’m Learning to use the downriggers that came with my boat and looking for some experienced advice for deeper (than Lake Erie) use…. 1.) what type of weight works best with least blow back? I have round cannonball with a fin, pancake, and fish shaped! 2.) how long a lead should I use from the release to the lure? 3.) should it be my deepest runner? (Deepest-most line out closest to boat?) 4.) can I run more than one line from it? (Or save that for when I’m more experienced with it?) Hoping to avoid a major tangle and put some fish in the cooler!
  4. Thanks crayfish! I was thinking the snap should go on the leader just ahead of the copper to help pull it down. Thoughts?
  5. Looks like my convector 45 will only hold 200' of 45# copper to have ample backer line length. The depth charts say that will get me down to 40-50 ft at 2.5 to 2 mph respectively. Is it best to run the copper line at that depth and further out? Do I use snap weights if I want to go deeper? Where do you attach them? Thinking i'll run Downrigger out the back, copper off a walleye board, and a dipsy diver. where should I run the dipsy? Between the downrigger and copper lines? (I'm seeing advice to run deeper lines nearer the boat).
  6. When using trolling flies - do you ever tip them with artificial baits like Gulp or other? Or is it best to run them as they are?
  7. I normally troll dipsies on Erie for walleye and steelhead and I’m planning to give copper wire a try and spool two convector 45 reels with it for an upcoming fishing trip for salmon on Lake Michigan. I’m thinking 300 feet of 45# copper (may have to go less)with the appropriate amount of backer and leader per the LOU posted guide. As I understand it, I’ll need to let the full 300’ out to get to the backer to use planer boards and this will run 55 to 112 feet deep Depending on trolling speed. Here’s where I need some experienced help!: What are your target trolling speeds for salmon and trout through the year? Recognizing the fixed amount of wire and it’s depth limits with the copper wire rods, i assume I use the downrigger and Dipsy divers to vary the depths of the rigs on the other rods? What depth variation do you typically run across the rods? (I’m planning to run 6) i.e. how much deeper/shallower should I run the rigger and dipsies? Appreciate any advice and recommendations you can offer this copper newby!
  8. Hello! An OGF (Ohio Game Fishing) forum member recommended I check out LOU so here I am. I fish Lake Erie out of Cleveland for walleye and steelhead mostly on my 22’ SeaHunt with Yamaha 250. Bought it used in 2014 all rigged and ready for deep water trolling and absolutely love it. Looking to try out some salmon fishing in Lake Michigan this summer and hope to learn some tips and tricks from experienced anglers in this forum!
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