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  1. Look into product called d3o it's a foam polymer that dries hard and will take stress weight and impacts, I've used this stuff on Corvette body pannels very easy to work with
  2. Just wondering how whirlpool to queenston is for browns, and they're feeding on mostly?
  3. Theres some good fish out there just takes some time to find those special spots we all look for, this guy was released like all my catches.
  4. Lower Niagara can be funny to locate bass, it's a obvious choice to hit weed beds and other cover, but when in open water what I shoot for is drop offs where slower water and faster water meet, add a weed bed that small bait fish school around and you can put money on a couple good size bass lurking for something different to wobble past
  5. Hows everyone doing this season, last few weeks I been fishing the Canadian side of the whirlpool on the lower Niagara river, so far so good hooked couple good salmon wondered anyone else getting any, I've yet to see any monsters.
  6. Roughly where you intrested in looking Sylvain, I'm on Canadian side I get out on the water a bit, might be able to help ya out.
  7. I've built a few trailers over the years in a small garage, 2 things I learned real fast. No matter what the trailers made of bearings rust and hubs rust, take a look at how the axle is attached if it's on springs and bolted you could get a old model pop up trailers few next to nothing revamp the axle and scrap the rest just a quick way to repair rather than cutting and welding.
  8. After 40 mins on a ultra light i release a monster, it sat next to shore for about 10 mins recovering when I looked down to see how it was doing I got this surprise look close.
  9. Definitely might need to try that, just got laid off for 2 weeks so I got alot of spare time on my hands, appreciate the reply there bad dog.
  10. Hi everyone hope covid ends so we can all get back to some form of normality, so I'm 51 and from the Niagara area pretty much lived here my entire life, fished all of the region for everything our waterways gives us, most of my time spinning from shore, over the years got into some power sports now proud owner of a Canadian built 16ft Legend Xterminator, great boat but so far haven't done a lot of lake fishing, I launch outta chippawa most days and have kept to the creeks and small amount of upper Niagara river, wondering if anyone would be intrested in tossing me some ideas as to areas on lake Erie or lake Ontario that are good spots spring summer fall, I have tons of gear and the boat came with fish finder and trolling motor I added 2 scotty downriggers I'd like to begin using more regularly since smaller rivers and creeks are 78+ degrees and well fish aren't active as of lately but I have no idea to depths or hot spots to go on either lake. I also own a honda aquatrax and a brp rev skidoo with most my friends over the years leaving the area I'm always looking for others to connect with to ride or fish
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