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  1. Have you actually taken your boat/trailer over a set of scales? Just curious
  2. THanks for the replies. I guess I liked the idea of complete silence, except for those reels screaming! I found a slightly used yamaha 9.9 and will give that a try.
  3. I have a Simrad on my 26' I/o and have no problem with battery drain. I have fished with it for 2 seasons and haven't had any problems what-so-ever. Although I was never able to get the interface with the gps to work. But its easy enough to point towards a waypoint and adjust.
  4. Has anyone out there tried the 36 volt trolling motor by minn kota? I am referring to the 3 prop unit that attaches directly to the lower unit. I have a 26' i/o and have trouble regulating speed at lower levels. I would love to not rely on bags and such to reduce the speed to 1.5 - 2.5. Any thoughts?
  5. I returned the Cannon unit and bought a Moore Sub-troll. I couldn't get it to work correctly.
  6. First year I had my boat I slipped at morgan marine on Keuka. In the course of that summer i caught near a 100 hammer handle Lakers, all in 3-4 pound size. Never caught any browns or 'bows. I also found the rec boats to be a royal pain in the butt. I have been very fortunate to fish Lake Ontario and I grew up on Lake Erie, the bigger water draws me. I'll keep reading and make my decision by Spring. And yes, I do plan on fishing all 3, but want to call one home.
  7. I have been fishing out of Oak Orchard for the past 3 years. The distance has finally caught up with me, its a 2 hour trip and I haven't been on the boat as much as I would like because of that. I am considering Seneca or Cayuga since they are closer, figure i can always run North a few times a year as time allows. I live in Tyrone (Lamoka Lk) so Seneca is closest, but I haven't fished either lake. I am looking for a few opinions on which lake is better, and if its Seneca, should I look for a slip on the North end or Souuth end? Thanks in advance! Jim
  8. I thought the state launch was county owned, my mistake. As for the east side, launching a 26 footer with no dock could be interesting. Wonder what the delay is, I have launched 1st week of April for the last 3 years. Thanks for the info!
  9. Just wondering if the town or county has opened the launch yet? I would like to slip my boat next week.
  10. I'll take a shot at your questions. 1. The dipsey already has a swivel but I do use a snapswivel to connect to main line, just makes life easier. 2. The dipsey may give soem flash or attraction, depends on what you are running. But the main function is to dive. I have used a snubber attached to the dipsey, then the leader. For spoons I use a 6-8' leader, and if I am running a dodger/fly I shorten it to aroun 4'. 3. On Lake Erie we fish dipsey's on large planer boards, but we use the smaller sizes, the larger ones are fished directly off the rod. 4. I think you are confusing 2 fishing methods, the dipseys are fished off stainless "wire" . The reason for this is no stretch. I don't use a roller rod, but do use a twill tip. Copper line is used to sink the lure to the fish on its own. The pp is a compromise that will most likely work well for you. Good luck!
  11. Fleas weren't a problem over the weekend. The upwelling might have changed their pattern some
  12. You might want to try a subtroll? I would call the help line before you buy to see if they have the same problem.
  13. Posting on a saturday during the fall LOC probably wasn't the best timing. Most of us fishless losers were most likely out doing it, rather than sitting at home thinking about it. You weren't offensive, you were ignorant. Most of the members on this site are forthcoming and helpful to a fault, patient with all the repeated questions by newbies, giving the same answers again and again for those too lazy to search past posts. Now for the info you want... launch the boat, head north, look for the boats (there will be many), then fish! by the way nancy, look at the LOC leaderboard, you will see several names from this site and as for the beer? I'll pass.
  14. You have to be more specific, too many variables to answer fully.
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