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  1. The area just behind the hand grip where the gunnel gets a bit wider may be your only choice. The options below would allow you to remove the fishing equipment easily and return back to a family boat in just a few minutes.


    One option would be to install flush mount rod holders in the wide area and then use a gimbal mount downrigger base in the holder.


    Flush mount rod holder



    Downrigger base will fit in rod holder



    The next option would be to use a 90 degree straight rod holder, and mount a board across the back something like this one.


    90 degree ,"flat" rod holder




    Devise a board that fits into the rod holders, high enough to clear the motor cover.



    Third option would be fabricating your own custom shaped mounting plates to fit that wider area. Perhaps a 6 inch section of track could be cut and shaped to fit there. you could add a riser mount in the track with a board across to hold riggers and rod holders.


    6 inch track


    Downrigger riser fits in track


    I hope this gives you a few ideas. Good luck!


  2. Dirt,  maybe copy and save the the file, then open with excel. When I click on it, the file opens right up. Someone with more computer knowledge will be along to help out ,I'm sure.



  3. The most important upgrade to my boat will happen in April. Six years ago, my little nephew joined LOU under the handle " Fishing's Finest", hoping to become a better fisherman. I've had him out with me a number of times learning about our fishery, and he loves it.  For the last four years he's been in Europe, North Africa, off the coast of Iran with the amphibious assault ships, Japan, and is presently South of the DMZ in South Korea training the SC marines. He is a Lance Corporal, USMC. He returns to civilian life on April 2, 2021. The change from teenager to grown man has been astounding.  This year we will switch up roles, he will learn how to handle the boat and trailer, pick the programs, and set the lines, and I'll sit back and reel in the fish...... I can't wait to get my fishing partner back!


    First King.... then






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  4. 12 hours ago, John E Powell said:

    I have wire tied to spro swivel, tied to 15-25’ 30lb big game, tied to ball bearing swivel, tied to 4-5’ fluorocarbon leader.

    Diver is installed to slide on big game. Clear bead installed on big game and rests against ball bearing swivel (on lure end) and prevents diver sliding last 5’ to fish.

    I prefer how the slide diver release holds, and operates, on mono compared to braid.

    The tiny Spro swivel at the end of the wire winds right through guides and levelwind.

    X2... excellent setup..

  5. Don't get stuck on just 1 brand. Each manufacturers baits have subtle differences in movement. Some have a tight side to side wiggle, others more of a rolling side to side wobble. I've had days when only one "brand" of bait would fire when others in the same color and length would not.  

    Bay Rat, Rapala, Bomber, Smithwick, Storm, Rebel all have a place in my tackle box.


    Old guy tip:

    Use a Sharpie permanent marker to write the maximum diving depth of the bait on the underside of the lip.

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  6. 13 hours ago, codybuehler said:

    I was wondering what all of you were up to just inside of us. We were playing around in the 185-220’. Saw the same current issues. All of our bites were headed west, in a wide range of depths. 45-80’ down on the riggers, 10 color lead cores and 212’ on the dipseys. Had to fight the speed headed back East.


    Ended up 6 for 12. I assume all kings. Couldn’t land a good hook set on the bigger fish on the dipsey. Took some drag and slipped the hook.




    This silver streak did most of the work for us today. Can’t find a replacement anywhere. I think it’s Peppermint Patty? The rest were green and blacks.


    I've never seen a spoon with that pattern. I run a lot of Apex for kings sizes 4.5 and 5.0, they make a pattern called "popcorn" that's a good producer.




    13 hours ago, codybuehler said:



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