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  1. Using braid with longer fluorocarbon leaders will be fine. Once the water warms up and the fleas appear, the braid will load up with fleas and be unusable. Adding approx. 150 ft. of #30 lb. Big Game mono to the braid will help with fleas during summer months. I have gone a different route, spooling all my reels with #30lb. mono, then changing leaders to meet the season and conditions. #15 flouro. for browns, #20lb. for kings, no leader for flashers, dodgers, meat rigs.

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  2. I have been a small boat fisherman since I started on the lake in 1990. In my opinion, the best addition to your set up would be a Slide Diver. I use clear and black. You can run very long leads in skinny water if needed, run it on either side of the boat, and the diver sliding down the line when released makes netting fish on a small boat alone easy.  Attach flashers to the main line, add a 4-6 ft. length of flourocarbon to the main line for plugs and spoons. Use a snap swivel to attach the leader so the diver doesn't slide down and hit the fish.

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  3. Power from the SLR needed down state.... higher water flow means more power from turbines..


    Indian Point, the nuclear power plant closest to New York City, could be shut as soon as April 2021 under an agreement New York state officials reached this week with Entergy, the utility company that owns the plant, according to a person with direct knowledge of the deal.

    Under the agreement, one of the two nuclear reactors at Indian Point will permanently cease operations by April 2020, while the other must be closed a year later. The shutdown has long been a priority for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who — though supportive of upstate nuclear plants — has repeatedly called for shutting Indian Point. He has said it poses too great a risk to New York City, less than 30 miles to the south.

  4. Sled Guy,

      17ft. Starcraft here... my setup is the same as Norm, riggers are 3ft. forward of the transom. The photo shows my starboard  rear corner, boat moving to the left.  Wire diver, then 2 rods stacked on the rigger.


  5. In my experience with boats, age means nothing compared to condition. Boats in Colder climates sometimes get limited use. Case in point, my rig pictured below. 1996 17ft. super fisherman with a 90 hp. 2-stroke. It's either on the water, or stored inside.  This is a 23 year old boat, original paint and well taken care of. 

    NADA is a rough guide only.  Photo taken last year



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  6. I started fishing Ontario in 1989 in this 16ft. Sea nymph, with a 40 hp Mariner.



    In 1996, I moved up to this 17ft. Starcraft with a 90hp. Merc. This year was season #23 for this rig, I can launch and recover alone with ease, it fits in the garage, has all the bells and whistles now including autopilot.  I'll keep her running until my fishing days are over..




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  7. I also suggest the drive West to Oak Orchard, Point Breeze. The Orleans County Marine Park is accessible as you exit the parkway. There is a nice fishing dock at the south end of the park. deep water, fish live bait or flip plastics or cranks.


    This one hit a rattle trap a few years back


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