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  1. Been thinking of trying flies with e-chips in them. Can't really tell from the G-Fly photos where it is placed. I see Atomik puts it between the two hooks and the beads at the eye of the beak hook.

    If you were tying a tournamnet tie fly and putting an e-chip on it - where would you place the e-chip??

    Between the beak hook and the treble ahead of the beads?


    on the eye of the beak hook covered by the fly?

    OR somewhere else?


  2. I may be opening myself up for a bashing here but here goes anyway. :o:$

    Pertaining to two vessels both under power ":

    I was told your bow light (and that of other boats) should be viewed as it were a traffic light. If you can see the other guy's red light then you must "STOP or (to use a "bad phrase here") yield him the right of way. If you see his green light then you can "GO" ("have the right of way").

    After reading the posts however this would only be true of one boat crossing in front of another, as if you were starboard to starboard then you would both have the "right of way".

    The best thing I read here is about the boat with the limited maneuverability being allowed the right of way. If he is pinned against the shore and you are outside of him it only makes sense that you should move to allow him safe passage.


  3. We need to replace the dashboard on our 19' aluminum BlueFin as it is beginning to deteriorate. You know small boat in to many heavy waters fishing for salmon and taking a lot of water over the bow.

    My question is what product is recommended/should be used between the bottom of the windshield and the aluminum bow to seal the bottom to keep water from seepeing through? I thought I remembered some oiled or waxed braided cord that used to be used to seal in between things like that or between boards?

    Any help on this one??



  4. From your post I read that they "tend to drag about 45 Deg off of the corner of the boat rather than off the side of the boat."

    Am I reading too much into trhis that youare running the boards "OFF THE CORNERS" and not off a mast in the front of the boat? :o

    If that is the case if you put a mast forward - the boards will track off the side of the boat not behid by 45 degrees. Most all planer boards drag behind the mast somewhat. I don't think I have ever seen any boards run out 90 degrees from the side of the boat, though I could be mistaken.


  5. Dave,

    First and foremost - A safe return form the sand and also- thank you for your service - helping to keep this great country what it is and allowing us to have the freedoms we have. You will find A LOT of retired/ex GI's on this board.

    If you get the chance make a trip to the Niagara Bar area in the spring (May) it's awesome fishing.

    You also have an invitation from us if you want a ride along to gain some experience.


  6. Two short points!!

    One - how many times have you pre-fished right before a pro-am and got the fish "dialed in" and have a big blow on Thursday - and talk with everyone at Friday's Captains Meeting about how the fish aren't there any longer and need to begin Saturday morning with a search??

    Two - For all the pro-ams I have fished I have always been 90% responsible for obtaining an observer. Usually three to four replies that we could pick from. By posting on this board alone we have always found a reliable competent observer and never had any problems.

    That said we did have a problem once because there was a power outage in the observer's town and he didn't make it but the other team provided another team member as an observer per the rules - not because he/she was some drunk rummy!!

    Also we went to the Niagara one year looking for an observer and they were all taken from the Olcott list. They made an announcement that observers were needed and anyone who wnated to observe should come to the podium. I went up and found this 19 year old kid who literally just walked in from Georgia to visit friends and needed cash and he did an outstanding job.

    Lucky?? Maybe but it all worked out for us each year.


  7. Prior to the last few years we had always stored our boat outside. We have a liquid filled compass referenced in the earlier post and never had any freezing issue. Don't know what is in there but never cracked, leaked, etc. and it got mighty cold some of those winters.


  8. What does anyone suggest for insuring the mice don't get into the boat and chew things up over the winter??

    I have done a little research and some things suggested are:

    Moth Balls - don't like that idea much

    Bounce Dryer Sheets

    Cedar Chips

    Irish Spring Bar soap - actually saw one guy post that he had mouse turds all around the bar of soap - :lol::lol::$:lol:

    Peppermint Oil

    Any one have any success/experience with any of these.



  9. Ok, I'll finally add my $.02

    First I must admit I am a die hard Bills fan - I know many of you will proffer condolences onthat issue but you may be surprised at what I have to say next.

    Yes, I am pleased that they are 4-0 no matter how ugly it was they are still 4-0. With that said, any realistic person will reserve judgement until they play a quality team. The schedule Gods have been very favorable to Buffalo so far this year.

    Before I go singing their praises of How great they are - and don't get me wrong - they are an improving team but have a long way to go to get back to the Super Bowl - I am still waiting to play "a reputable, quality" team, which by the way will come when San Diego comes to town on 10/19.

    Then too you have the division - Jets, Dolphins, and of course as many see it (but not me) the Brady-less Patriots.

    The verdict is still out in my opinion as to just how good the Bills really are!!

  10. Maybe I better change the boat name to Better Late Than Never as that is what this report is.

    8/29 - Just 2 of us in the boat this trip as others had previous engagements. Fished out of Mexico starting in about 80 FOW and looking deeper to 100 FOW. Went 2/2. Hot ticket was a white Spin Doctor - double crush glow with an Atomik hammer fly - 30" fly leader from loop to the head of the fly trolling about off the rigger 65 down going 2.3 -2.6 mph.

    8/30 - Decided to hit the same waypoints from Friday but then heard from a friend of my son on the cell that he did fish in front of the nuke plant Friday so decided to head that way. Not knowing this guy well I had doubts listening to his report. So on the way to the plant I decided to look in about 110 FOW. Boy did this cause a ruckus about "My Indecision". Started looking and found the "Mother of All Screens" - bait and as Billy Fucillo would say "HUGE-UH" marks. Entered a waypoint and started a southerly troll while Kevin (son) was setting up. Trolled south until the picture went blank. Turned around and on the track back - same picture but couldn't get anything to go. Turned again and this time "BANG" the same rigger with the same combination from Friday fired. Boated a nice 22# king. Swung around and did nothing. Tracked back on the same troll we took the fish and the same results with a 20# king off the same rigger. That set up was HOT HOT HOT!!! 2 fish in the box by 5:45 a.m. and a "dream screen". By the time we got turned around and set up again there were a number of other boats in the area and as a result the screen went blank. Trolled that area for quite a while with no results. Decided to head west towards the nuke plant. Looked and looked - nothing. Didn't hear of much other action on the radio either. By the time we got to the plant there was an armada of boats (like I didn't know they were going to be there :$ ) but we hung in there anyway. 11 a.m. and still nothing. Starting to wonder why we can't break the 2 fish a day syndrome?? :( Discussion entailed - go in and come out later or troll through until the afternoon bite. Stayed Out as it turned out and then between 3 and 3:45 just west of the smoke stack at the nuke plant the wire fired. Landed an 11.5# king Trolled east through the same waypoint - nada - turned and within feet of the first waypoint another taker on the wire. We couldn't get anything to go trolling east but each time we passed that waypoint we hooked up. So in 45 minutes 4 fish and had our limit. We have a smaller sized live well and we wound up with the 6th fish laying on the deck due to lack of room in the fish box due to the size of these fish. That's the kind of day you like to have although we worked hard for them it was well worth it.

    8/31 - headed for the same place we finished Saturday. A little bumpy and we got a bit of a late start too. Managed 1 fish early on the same setup on the same rigger - a nice 25.5# fish. Couldn't get anything else to go and knew we were having a short day of fishing with having to break cam early that afternoon. Tried deeper water and headed toward the big Salmon to see what was happening there. Decided to forgo a wire dipsey for a 300 foot copper. While putting the 300 foot copper out the same setup on the same rigger fires (white Spin Doctor - double crush glow with an Atomik hammer fly - 30" fly leader from loop to the head of the fly). Kevin is fighting the fish on the mono and the port side wire fires violently. I have not seen a wire dipsey act like that ever. Throb, peel drag, throb, peel drag estimating about 80 feet of wire were pulled on each run. This set up was chrome Luhr Jensen dodger wit fish scale tape and a Hammer fly with a glow frog dipsey out 165 feet over 130

    FOW on a 2.5 setting. Kevin handed me the mono rod as the dipsey was on his side of the boat and we began playing the double. While fighting the double the fly leader broke. We landed the fish on the mono - another 23# king and then examined the tackle failure. We had 18" of the 30" leader still attached to the dodger. The end of the 50# floro looked as though it had been heated and pulled forming a pointed end - not a clean break which I would have expected. I have never seen a piece of mono break and leave this type of end. We ended up 2/3 suspecting we lost the biggest fish of the day. That's fishing :D . All in all a good weekend for us. 10 fish in 3 days smallest 11.5# and biggest 25.5# all weights verified on Yogi Bear's Jellystone campground scales.

    Hope to make one last trip before putting up the boat before hunting preparations take place.


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