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  1. For Sale: 6 Pinnacle Power tip pro rods in Great condition 8'6" 6-20lb rating. Fished them with 30lb. test for Kings with no trouble. $120.00 + shipping. Retired Captain selling off a Boat load of tackle! Phone or text 7174685626 Randy
  2. Yes Wolfman , As you know I'm with ya'.. The problem with us " Old Guys" is we have seen the Great Days of the "BIG O" ,and our problem is Age, we can't wait years to see it rebound or the opposite! I Loved being a Captain for over 20yrs.and enjoyed being able to take Clients out for a day of Good Fishing & seeing their expressions when the first of many 20+lb Kings would come to the deck. We learned how to adapt to the changing ways of the Lake's Conditons, to continue to be successful ,but again the cost in Tackle & Terminal has also become a huge expense. I hope for all the fishermen of Ontario the fishery returns to what it once was! If you're a Fishermen & enjoy the thrill of the Catch...Then it doesn't matter whether it's Sailfish or Salmon..Panfish or Pompano....It's Just Plain Ole' Fishin' that keeps us "Old GUYS" Going! P/S the Flounder Fishing in LSD (lower slower Delaware) has been GOOD !! Good Luck to You & hope to see ya' again! Capt Randy
  3. Real simple way to make fixed slider rigs is to dip or cover a duo lock snap in Dip-it plier handle plastic or hot glue & knife cut a slit in it .At one end of the leader tie a snap bearing swivel (lure) & at the opposite end tie in the coated duo-lock. When you set the Slider(cheater) and close the snap the plastic will not allow it to slide & if it does, it will not damage the main line. No rubber bands needed. It also helps to set the hook And will normally make its way to the bottom lure. Very effective! Capt. Randy
  4. Had my clients Mark Bruce,his son & grandpa out for their yearly spring Brown Trout bonanza.Well I did explain that this years date was not what it was last year, the fact was The brown trout bite was almost non existant. We left the dock & set line around 6am & by 7:30 we did manage to put one 9lb. Brown in the box.I made one more pass over the fish we marked & decided to change up a few spoons as we headed to deeper water . We hit a hundred feet & while marking a nice pod of bait a rod fires & we put a nice 12 lb. King on the deck ,a few minutes later Granpa is doing battle with a 19lb. King & we boat that fish after 25 minutes(10lb test). We then decided to drop some bells with spin & glows so my most important client has a few fish to play & after a few hours we have a Nice mix in the box with a few fork tails tiping the scale in the teens! Mark's son had a blast. We released anoter 15 lakers before calling it a day. So the fishing is not great ... but not bad. Capt. Randy
  5. The Brown trout fishing has been very consistant for us. The trout have been holding in the 58-62 deg. water.We boxed 12 on Friday. Saturday was tougher, but after the boat traffic left they started accepting our offerings. Gators , Dolpins & Purple has been our go-to patterns. We had some salmon activity on saturday in 100ft. but was short lived! Capt.Randy
  6. I'm repainting Oh' maybe fifty in that pattern... Glen let me know if you need one or two!
  7. Well, After a long winter I finally got the boat in the water! Left the Dock at 12.30pm & set lines at 12.45pm. The weather was great for humans & not fish. We planned to wash lures, but to our surprise we managed to put 5 for 6 nice browns in the net in a couple hours. All fish were released! 5 fish liked spoons... Custom painted Fire tiger, Hot steel,Tuxcedo, Glow Frog & Chiken wing The last fish jumped on a Jointed Rebel painted in Hot steel. Our fish wanted it slow, slow ...slow Sunday was our bad luck day starting out in the morning hitting some thing hard & adjusting the pitch of our prop So. in spite of the wind blowing the warm water away & our trolling speeds all screwed up we still managed to catch 1 for 3 bites. Anoter work detail this weekend.... Change the wheel! Capt. Randy
  8. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Capt. Randy / Hit or Miss IV ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 10 / 8-9 Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: 30 KTS WEST NORTH WEST Waves: YEP Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Planned our last trip out for Friday & saturday..... Yep, you guessed it ! IT BLEW & Blew.... Rivers all had fish!! Everyone have a GREAT WINTER Capt. Randy ====================
  9. The Fishing has been up & down the whole month of September . Mother nature has not been so Kind. Fish are moving into the rivers due to cooler temps & decent flows. Also, it appears we're in For another blow for the weekend (Fri- Sat.) Off shore fishing began to pick up when the lake Laid down Fishing tight to the bottom. Good -Luck if you get a shot this weekend! Capt. Randy
  10. Big Weenie Products Are Top Shelf! Gary just put together some new Whole Bait Rigs --- They're super!! I can't wait for the Next Dirty Dozen Flies that he'll be spinning up! The Bone Yodler was a Great go-to Fly for us this season!
  11. Tim , I stand corrected with the year class of salmon. Could the problem with numbers be related to VHS disease issues? I guess we'll never know. Lets hope that by collecting eggs from the western rivers in '07 that we have a productive comming year. Capt. Randy
  12. From Last Tuesday to this past Sunday the Lake had little to offer. The River had & still has fish on the move. This Fall other than the few days prior to Labor Day has been the worst Salmon fishing I can remember in 17 yrs. I hope there is a late movement into our bay. The weather has definitely had a big role in the fishing but also take inconsideration that 3 yrs ago was the year of the drout with little Salmon return to the Hatchery. This may now be showing it's affects , Big fish - Less Fish? Capt. Randy
  13. Ed, Nice Fish... Love to work them on Lighter line! I'll be giving you a shout when I'm Off your port. I'll be out most days in August & September. The Mother Load will soon arrive ! Again, Great Job to you & your Client! Capt. Randy / Hit or Miss charters
  14. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Hit or Miss IV ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7/5 Time on Water:5:30am Weather/Temp:Hot Wind Speed/Direction:south west Waves: 1' or less Surface Temp:61deg. Location:400' LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 9 Total Boated:5 Species Breakdown: Steelheads & kings Hot Lure: Spoons & Flies Trolling Speed: 2.3- 2.5 Down Speed: 2.0-2.4 Boat Depth: 400' Lure Depth: 72'-150' ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Worked off the power plant in 360'-400' managed to boat 3 nice Steelheads to 12lbs , 2 kings 16lbs & 26lbs Lost big fish on green spinny with BigWeenie Bone Yodler Fly Droped another King off Dipsey with Chartruse E chip & Atomic Pro Am Fly. Steelheads ate Nk 4d Chartruse & blue stripe set as free slider. Capt Randy ====================
  15. Happy Birthday Dick!!! Drop a LINE & Keep in Touch...... Capt . Randy / Hit or Miss Charters
  16. Had my brother out for the first time in ten years... Along with my brother I invited my good friend Homer & his girfrind Nancy to join us for the 2 days. On Saturday I decieded to fish from the Little Salmon River to the big river. Started in 10' of water just out side our port with a surface temp of 49-50deg. Within the first 15min we had our first 8# Brown to the net. A challenger Emerald shiner body bait 118' off the board was it's lure of choice. Next, my in house Geen UV shad(electric shad) was next to fire 108' out with a 3/8 keel sinker & took a nice 6# brown. We then worked our way towards the big river & had 3 more fish up , but released them in the prop wash . again the Emearld Shiner & a look alike R&R frog was bit. We worked our way out to 35 ' of water but marked less fish. A Grimreaper fired down 5' over 15' but no more spoon! Finally just North of the river we captured a 7# Steelhead off a Watermelon Stinger 7' down over 15' of water. On Sunday we hoped the Bite would be better, but the East wind early already was making the temp. disappear. So, for our efforts in 3 hrs we managed 2 bites & 2 Browns , 1 off a Grimreaper & 1 off a Die Hard with a keel sinker. Over all it was a Great weekend with friends & family . On another note, a couple of boats out of Mike's did well on Fork tails (Lakers) off Nine mile! Get your bells out! Hit or Miss Charters / Capt. Randy Orbach Channel 78
  17. Brendan , Thats Super... I'll be sure to stop $ spend a lot of Green. Hope it works out for ya'! Capt. Randy / Hit or Miss charters
  18. All well said.... And once again why must they screw with the Worlds Third Largest Bodies of Fresh Water? There will always be some type of Catastrophic failure or Disaster with a Project of this Magnatude. Capt Randy / Hit or Miss charters
  19. Glen, The biggest was 7-8lbs. but all were in that range, we only had one cookie cutter. most of our bites came at 2.4mph. Might of pulled a few bigger fish slower?? We new there were fish on the other side , but wanted to see how the bite was by us. It was a good call! Plan on fishing this weekend, I'm spraying up some new patterns, have to see how they produce. Ill touch base with you soon. Don't forget your rubber bands! Capt. Randy
  20. FISHING REPORT Mexico 4/12 Finally got the boat in the water on Sunday Late afternoon. We decided to fish Monday AM. Left the Dock at 6.45.... Went towards the Salmon River , stopped short and fished 8 to 12 feet of water. First fish within 10 min . We managed 10 Nice Browns ,1 Steelhead & 1 King( 8lbs) for 15 bites. The best lures were stinger Emporer, Challenger Emerald shiner, Green goby, green flutter chuck & a couple patterns I've sprayed in the shop.Water temp near the river was 49 on top. Nice stained water with mud Line. No action Until outside the mud.Both the Riggers & boards were equally taking fish. put 3/8 keels on inside board lines after 10am. Great day for our Shake-Down hope the winds stay to our advantage! Capt. Randy / Hit or Miss Charters
  21. Water temps were 41-43 surface temps , slow troll, small baits... I'ts early yet. Cover water look for colored water & the best temps. No tricks yet! Now back to the issue of Rubber Bands.... Right Glen?
  22. Actually only when they're on Land!
  23. Thanks Guys again for the info, I'm watching the forecast for Mexico.. The work detail will start soon . Bottom painting ,polishing , getting every thing rigged. Wish the boat was at my shop, It would be finished Come on Spring! Capt. Randy
  24. Glen, Thanks for the heads up! The snow down here in Pa. is finally disappearing. I was thinking on making a run up & start getting the boat ready... I guess I'll hold off for a couple weeks. Capt. Randy
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