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  1. It was definitely a day on Cayuga for the hardy, especially when you're having heater problems. Browns were the big item today, we boated many in the 3 to 5 lb class, we kept 4 for dinner and released the rest. It was the first time I've used mini divers which most of the fish came off. We were suprised that we didn't boat any legal LLs, however we did boat 2 bows in the 16" class which we released. We simply couldn't find the larger LLs. BTW Zeke, Billy Barro was off his game today. He'll have to do better in the future if he wants to tag along. It was another fun day and we hope the weather continues to cooperate. Ken
  2. Stinger you chicken sh_ _! I'll jusy turn up the heater!
  3. BTW.......releases!!! 18 of them mysteriously appeared last night (mostly red for whatever reason) !!!
  4. Not mentioning the Frig Newtons was by design.....you'll be forgiven the first time only. Fishing isn't the same without Frig Newtons. Rarely is a first timer given this responsibility so Zeke you'll need to step up to the plate the next time!
  5. By the way I did forget to add one other member of our party "Billy Barro"! He was responsible for most of the better catches!
  6. Before I give a fish report, I need to go on record that I was not responsible for any of the tangle ups today! Had the pleasure to fish with the two best fishing partners one could ask for, Stinger & Zeke (alias Strike 3). The numbers were down today, but the quality was up. There is a large class of 17" to 20" LLs this winter. We keep a few for the dinner table and released all the browns and several keeper LLs. Hopefully, other boats will do the same and let them grow, they'll be quality fish next winter. Zeke & Stinger know how to get it done, so it's always a good trip when you're with these guys and it's a added bonus to catch fish. Stick baits with orange seemed to be the color today! Be careful with the launch at T-Falls, the bubbler wasn't on so there were large chunks of ice that were transducer hungry.
  7. Unfortunately, we picked up only one bow about two weeks ago in the 16" 17" class which we put back, the rest were landlocks & Browns!
  8. Unfortunately, we picked up only one bow about two weeks ago in the 16" 17" class which we put back, the rest were landlocks & Browns!
  9. Fished south of AES Cayuga. The bite wasn't as hectic as Saturday, however it was a productive day, We boated about 15 or 20 fish (sorry Stinger didn't weigh or measure them AGAIN). We kept six for the dinner table 3 browns & 3 salmon. Didn't find any one thing that stood out, used black and silver early, then perchy stuff later in the morning. The larger salmon came off streamers, we did lose one LL in the 5 lb class, my kid (the rookie) blamed it on the other lines. Will try again Saturday if the weather cooperates. Zeke/Stinger I'll supply the ride! Who's bringing the Fig Newtons? Ray/Fishstix the water is to high to get under the bridge at T-Falls, there wasn't any ice at Tremain be careful of debris, the lake was full of logs after the recent rains.
  10. Hard to say...the water is up for December. I have a 20' Alumacraft with a stand up top, I clear by over 18", I just have to drop the antenna..I hope to go Wednesday and I'll measure it. I think you'll be OK
  11. And they're cheap....the superman color was the hot one yesterday..I laughed when Mike bought them.........oh well. you never know!
  12. Ray/Stix We've picking up stick baits at Wal Mart..1.99 or 2.99 It must be the action, they worked the best last year & this year! Boxes full of$6.00 lures and these cheapies seem work the best. Mike has been doctoring them up with different colors (magic markers) check em out
  13. Will let you know Zeke..love to have you...as far as reeling in the fish, you have to be quicker than Stinger, I've yet to beat him to a line!
  14. Before I give a fish report. Stinger set records on Cayuga on the amount of hardware that he can drag behing a boat. The trout in Cayuga saw every color and size lures from plugs to streamers. Most of them hit in self defense. When I partner up with him my kicker usually has to run about 100 RPM higher. I'm sure Zeke/Vince know exactly what I'm talking about! We had one of those days where everything worked. We were into fish all day with stick baits and streamers. Early it was silver/black stickbaits and later in the morning we used colored stickbaits with several coming off on pink/red streamers. We kept several Landlocks and browns in the 18" to 21" class for the dinner table and we released one 7 lb brown and several browns and landlocks in the 3 to 5 lb class. I didn't measure or record each fish for which I was scolded for by stinger, but I'm sure we boated over 35 fish putting many keepers back. It was a great day and hopefully it will continue through the Winter! Ken
  15. Geez Ray.....all this time I thought there wasn't any deer. By the way...nice buck! Saturday looks like a go, will let you guys know how we did!
  16. OK it's time to liven up this website, critter hunting closed Tuesday so it's time to start fishing Cayuga and possibly Seneca if Stinger & I get some good tips from this website. 1st question is about the launch at T-Falls, is it open and is the bubbler open. We promise promise promise not to be tight lipped if we start hitting em! The last two years were slow but with the amount of undersized salmon we caught this summer and last fall it should be a good year! Hopefully Ray K. will share some of his knowledge about Seneca with us! Ken
  17. I haven't spent the time on Cayuga this year compared to others, but I would agree that it's been a poor year. This site has been quieter this year than others, does that indicate success rate?. I fish through the winter and I'm finding the same thing after the lake cools down. So is it me or do other fishereman agree? I would like to see other responses, this can be down without giving up secrets! Ken
  18. Ditto here, fished the south end to Crow Bar Sunday, I found a few marks and boated only small fish one rainbow, one brownd and numerous small salmon. I lost a brown about four ponds next to the boat mainly brecause I horsed him. All the fish came off purple/black. Later in the AM I dropped down deeper with dodger/flies and produced only one small laker. After a fustrating summer with engine problems, thankfully the issues are resolved!!! Ken
  19. Sorry I couldn't make...I'm having OB trouble! I was looking forward to meeting you guys!! Ken
  20. Thanks for the info Stan........I'll try running them closer this weekend. The wire has been productive so I've given up on the balls. Will let you know how we did>
  21. Did 5 lakers and 2 small salmon. Two of th lakers were around 8 lbs. It wasn't a great day as far as fish count but it was a great day to be on the water. Plenty of marks in the 150' range As with the last few months everything seems to come of wire, the downriggers were silent again. Does anyone have an explanation? Wire seems to better downriggers consistantly. Rumor has it that Strike 3 was going to be on the water today!!!!!
  22. Actually I'm going along so I can nap.....try not to be too vocal unless a big bite is on. Stinger, make sure you have the pillow
  23. Vince....I'll be nice and won't bust your chops...$10.00 from Ken Hey Stinger, where's your post..came a long to check out your post and nothing! How come!
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