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  1. Hermit, yesterday seemed to be the coldest day that we've been out on! Whether it was the wind or temp made the trips outside brief and that with the heater giving us trouble. As Stinger stated we hit many quality browns, several doubles and a few triples. BTW: It will be Lil Buddy from this point on! Ken
  2. The Raymarine unit I'm refering to is the S1000, I have a sportpilot so I'm trying to decide between the AP12h, AP14H. or the S1000! Is there a large advantage between the AP12 & the AP14 other than digital readouts? I understand there are the same units other than the AP14 is mobile while the AP12 is stationary! Is this correct?
  3. BTW...last weekend was uneventful, one keeper LL, one laker 6lbish, and plenty of shakers. The lake was flat so that contributed to the slow day. We hit em hard the week before plenty of browns in the 3 to 4 lbs class and one LL about 7 lbs. We'll try to find them Saturday!! Happy Easter to you guys! Ken
  4. Actually it will be 195s last ride...new one order! It will be Lil Buddy after that. We were wondering how long it would take to get a rise from you! BTW we're up to the challenge, we know we're now playing with the big boys!
  5. Quick note to say that Stinger and I will be out scouting this weekend for the tournament! So be aware!
  6. BTW Stinger...the fish index says there's a frenzy going on Friday!
  7. Where are you located? J&R in Binghamton does quality work at competitive prices.
  8. As you guys continue to boast just wanted to let you know that Sliderman and I have hooked up! Him and I with the soon to be patented WILLOW LEAFS changes the game. Just wanted to let you guys know we exist and are planning on rising to the occasion. More to follow so don't get over confident. I'm sure Stinger & Lyteline knows what I'm talking about!
  9. Sliderman...you now have a ride...will keep you posted! You furnish the secret willow leafs!
  10. I thought it is two rods per family member! You mean they have to be in the boat :roll: !
  11. BTW...I'll be there. Take a look at Stingers picture of his port side planerboard rods, my Starboard side will put his to shame!!!
  12. I apologze for beating this to death. Rigging a new boat is stressful, however this site has a wealth of information with that I'm seeking more. Any thoughts out there on the Raymarine S1000 compared to the Simrad AP12H. I have a 20" Lund on order with hydraulic steering and as I stated earlier I want to do it right. After further investigation, I'm finding that the price difference is a few hundred dollars, so it's doable! There was some low speed trolling issues with the early S1000 and it seems to be corrected with software updates. How about low trolling speeds with the Simrad and how simple is the installation. Thanks Ken
  13. I would also suggest a check valve. I have a honda 130 with a 9.9 kicker using a T-valve. If I start the 9.9 first the the 130 it stalls the 9.9 because the 130 pulls the from the 9.9. I have shut down the 130 and prime the ball to restart the 9.9.
  14. Thanks Brian...will keep researching
  15. Thanks folks for everyones input. What I got out of it was there were problems when the S1000 first came out and it looks like they have been resolved. Now I have to decide between the Raymarine S100 & Simrad AP16. There is about a $1000 difference! Never knew catching fish was so stressful
  16. Yahoo!!!!! Good god it took long enough! Now field test that baby and help me with my decision! See: it pays to procrastinate!
  17. Looking for THE RIGHT auotpilot for a 20' Lund with hydraulic steering. On other sites there was mention that the Raymarine S1000 had problems picking up a reading at low trolling speeds. Ant thought or experience on this out there? Almost all of my time is on the Finger Lakes trolling between 2.0 to 3.0 MPH. Any thoughts on the S1000 or other units for hydraulic steering? Ken
  18. Thanks for your input. Just ordered mine yesterday this particuliar boat is the magnum. It has a straight back so I'll probably have wait until it arrives in early May before I make my decision regarding where I'm going to mount my downriggers wether it's on the gunwales or I purchase a trolling board! I'm considering mounting 4 riggers off the gunwales, but Im concerned how the cables will line up on the turns. Thanks Ken
  19. Guys, Any info on aluminum transom bars would be appreciated with regards to manufacturers, cost, mounting, and funtionality. ken
  20. Stinger & I went the the Syracuse Boat Show Saturday. One thing I learned was that I couldn't find an aluminm boat that handled four downriggers without lining them on the gunwales. The only one there was the Starcraft Fishmaster, nice rig but I'm concerned about the quality. I hope to own the next boat for many years that's why I'm looking at Lunds. Sluggo when you mentioned using riggers on Lunds were they stacked on the gunwales or on a board and how was the ride. The lunds are heavier than most aluminum boats plus the position of the driver/passenger is a bit more forward than others.
  21. Thanks landshark I'm on Cayuga & Oneida. I trailer it in the winter to Cayuga so I'm concerned with too big of a rig! Do you own either?
  22. I need a walk through windshield because of playing (tubing) and bass fishing. It's tough to find a glass boat that has a straight back with the depth and width of aluminum boats. Because of this I'm in the market for a Lund 195 Tyee or a 2150 Baron Magnum. Any info would be appreciated with regards to the ride and how the rigging 4 downriggers works out. If I choose the 1950 it will have a 175 optimax and the Baron a 200 Optimax. Any suggestions? Ken
  23. Seems like there is only two of us posting results..way too many tight lips. Guess what: we give and get tips and everyone continues to have fun. Get a grip guys and let loose you don't have to say where you fished. Stinger and I will be out tomorrow and it's Stingers turn to post. Ken
  24. We didn't know Billy was compatable with a certain reel. If the reel appears we'll make sure Billy will be taken care of........can't wait to go again. Folks I didn't realize what I thought was a harmlees post would stir up this much conversation..........well this site has been dull for some time so maybe the timing was correct! It was great talking to you guys and look forward to future conversations!
  25. This heater is great for boats, it has ceramic plates that heat radiates off. I have a ten gallon tank with hose to the heater. You can use small canisters in place of the larger tank. As far as I'm concerned they are safe I, I keep it away from all foot traffic.
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