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  1. Stinger wrote....Huntfrisco........come out, come out where ever you are......time to take 195 out of the barn . I promise to stay on my side of the boat if you take me fishing for a Christmas present. Please. OK OK stop whining.....Saturday it is...remember the famous quote "you can't get on my boat if you know more than I" _________________
  2. Stinger Fishing!!!!! Made the offer for Sunday, but you choose to troll the French Tract! We'll try it again today the weather looks favorable!!! We had only one release yesterday!
  3. I'll try to help, just keep in mind that this is my opinion! I'm Stingers (alias 195) fishing partner so I thought I might try to help seeing that Stinger didn't!!!! If you're the type of consumer that is on a fixed monthly budget, I suggest a fixed rate. That is the easiest way to shop for the best rate. The NYSEG web page lists the various companies. However, most high end users of electricity choose the variable rate simply because over time there are significant savings. I'm chosing the variable rate and staying with NYSEG anticipating that they will be able to purchase generation at a reasonable cost because of the volume of customers that they serve. Keep in mind that delivery charges will stay the same you're only shopping for generation! I suggest keeping track of the kilowatt hours that you used in 2006 and comparing the costs in 2007. I hope I helped
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