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  1. no I'm happy with Big Jons my boat really isn't comfy with 4 downriggers so these have been sitting in the shed for years so I decided to sell them, they're like new!

    1. lyteline


      Thx Ken...Bows are good from 35 to 45 along the west shore...Scout camp north 

    2. Huntfrisco
  2. Pair Big jon don riggers with swivel bases $500.00
  3. Two climbers left $100 each
  4. Everything is gone other than the climbers
  5. Several climbers and hanging stands, climbing sticks, two tent blinds, & 4 wheeler box Quality geaer All must go 607-725-5576
  6. Pair of electric Big Jon Downriggers W/swival base $550.00 With extension booms Pair quick slide bases 90.00 pair pair extra reels with planer line for flat lining $45.00 4inch pedestals $50.00 All have been used very little and in great condition 607-725-5576
  7. Anyone know the condition of the launch at T-Falls...is it clear to launch?
  8. Anyone needing info on the AP12h PM me and I'll give my phone number! Don't waste your time with Simrad!
  9. I can help you with the installation. This is an awesome unit after going through the pains of learning to install it. The unit is generic so you have to purchase a fitting kit and an adapter for the for the sensor unit on the OB plus additional hoses. The prices vary so you need to shop. I purchased my hoses from EBAY. These extra parts will run a couple of hundred $$$$$$ The compass position is critical. I had a Sport Pilot Plus on my previous rig and this unit puts that unit into the dark ages. I you need advice I'll be more than happy to help. PM me ands I'll give you my phone numbers. It's much easier to talk than to type. PS: The customer service at Simrad sucks, the help I received came from this website!
  10. If I go on Sunday I'll be heading north it simply isn't worth the fight! I'll be in a black 20' Lund
  11. Chowder how did you deal with the rafts of weeds? I started out there but the weed issue chased me away. I moved to t-Falls area marked tons of bait but only small LLs would hit. I wasted the prime time because of the weeds. Ken
  12. PM lyteline he had one rotary one installed recently mine is hydraulic. The only thing I can add is that the location of the compass is critical for the calibration. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I had a sport pilot plus on my previous boat and that doesn't compare to the Simrad.
  13. Do you have hydraulic or cable steering?
  14. I have a brand new white fender for a dual axle shorelander trailer. It fits the drivers side rear or passengers side front. My new trailer fenders are gray so I have no use for it. I paid $110.00 for it. If interested send a PM with an offer!
  15. We've been hitting Cayuga afternoons till dark. The quality has been good, the numbers were down. We'boated several fish and I agree deep water with green flys or spoons behind a silver dodger worked the best. We did boat one bow about 5 1/2 lbs and lost one larger. The browns were running between 4 to 7 lbs. The bite was fast and short 1 hour before dark.
  16. Sorry guys cannot do LOU again this year (work). BTW Stinger has a mystery guest on his rig so beware! Ken
  17. I moved it to the exact center of the boat, the gas tank is polymer so metal should not a problem..will let you guys know..thanks for the input
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