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  1. I've been out half a dozen times since August. So far I've landed two steelhead, one brown, and 20 lb King. Lost two kings on rips fishing by myself and couldn't handle all the rods. Free bird 18 is correct in that the salmon seem to have a lot of Lamprey marks on them this year. Still hoping to get out yet on a couple more trips.
  2. There have been no reports in a week. Where is everybody? What's your excuse for not getting out? Mine is that after 37 years of faithful service the clutches gave out on both downriggers within weeks of one another. Waiting on my new Scotty 1106's to be shipped.
  3. Fishing was tough today. Fished 8:30-2:30 covering water from 80-250 feet in every depth we were marking fish combo of spoons, flies, flashes and dodgers, riggers and dipsey. Got skunked. Saw many boats out there doing what we were, wandering around aimlessly looking for fish in al depths. Marked the most fish from 125-145 either hugging the bottom or at 40-60 down. Was very rough this AM with waves 3 feet, settled down to >1' later in day.
  4. Fished 4:30-8:00 covering 95-165 with spoons on the rigger and Dodger fly on a dipsey. Marked plenty of fish 130-165 top to bottom with alot of fish hugging bottom just below the 115 thermocline. Worked the 60-125 depth range. No takers. Be back in the morning.
  5. I manage to catch a few walleyes every year. Got a couple trolling around Burtis Point early in the summer. Bunch of boys got this beauty off the dock this summer.
  6. Great picture. I also got my boy his first salmon Tuesday. Making memories.
  7. I'll be back up in Fairhaven Saturday giving it another go with my brother.
  8. Are they putting landlocked salmon in Owasco again? They used to years ago but I haven't caught any there in 20 years. Live on owasco.
  9. Been itching to get out again after several earlier attempts in the season resulting in only Steelhead and browns. An hour north of Auburn and I'm launched in fairhaven. Set up at 1:30 p.m. and fish to 3:30 p.m. weather was iffy so we stuck in close which is where I believe the fish to be based on reports. Started trolling in 75 ft with riggers at 65 and 55. Worked 95 pretty good and that was the area I was marking the most fish. Worked out to 105 and back into 75. Decided 95 range was the best Target area and work that in the last hour. After 2 hours we had nothing to show for it and a storm was coming in from the west. Decided to pack up and told my 10-year-old kid to grab and pop the rods and bring up the downrigger. He just got the first rod in and put away when he was reaching for the second rod it popped and we had a screamer. Fish hit on the 65 down carbon 14 spoon. Fought that bugger for a half hour and every time it got close to the boat it would peel off line again. By this time we were in the storm and anxious to get out of there so I put maximum pressure on the fish hoping for the best. The kid netted it and lifted that 20-pounder into the boat by himself. We were soaking wet but happy as hell. Needless to say my boy is anxious to go at it again. Great memories!
  10. Fished 2-6:60 PM. Set up in 100 fow and worked out to 150, concentrated 110-130 for hour & half. Picked up 6 lbs Brown 80/110 on Carbon 14. Shot out to 650 and fished way back in. Fished in temp down 160 back into 100-130 range. Greatest concentration of Mark's was 110-130.
  11. Fished from 2:30 - 8:30 PM, 1 rigger, 2 rods Carbon 14 spoons. Shot out to 400 to setup. Dropped the rigger down spaced 15 apart down 75. Water temp at ball 72. Yuck. Dropped ball to 125 temp 52. At 125/425 1st Steelhead. Trolled to 600. Picked up 2nd Steelie 180/550 down temp 42. Trolled into 300 and 200, pretty barren. Went into 130-100 began marking fish 55-100. Set up 80 down out of temp. 3rd Steelhead 80/130. Had 2 big rips 60 and 80 down over 110ish. Fishing alone, circus trying to get other line in and rigger up. Lost both.
  12. Fished Owasco 7-8:30 PM. Caught this Rainbow 56/170, B&S J-11 Rapalla 35' back. Down temp @55' about 52 degrees.
  13. Got out for a little bit tonight from 6:00-7:30. Trolled 55 and 65 foot down over 70 and picked up a 3-pound rainbow on a black and silver J-11 Rapala 55 down. Water temperature 61F at 65 foot down trolling speed 2.3 mph.
  14. I couldn't say for certain other than to tell you that the few times I've fished estuaries of Lake Ontario including the Genesee and at Fairhaven I have used casting spoons. Heavy weighted spoons like cast Masters and little Cleo's in combinations of silver and blue or silver and green. Typically when I did that it was in the springtime targeting brown trout.
  15. Fished out of Genesee River on 9/10 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and on 9/11 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 pm. Didn't get a single bite. Threw the kitchen sink at them from the spoons to Dodgers and flashers with flies or spoons and stick baits. Covered water from 70 ft deep out to 400. Everywhere seem to be 70 degrees from the surface down to a hundred. Marked a few fish here and there mostly in the 90 to 135 foot of water range. Waves were two to four, not many boats out there.
  16. They clamped down on the bench seats of course silly rabbit!
  17. Very nice group of fish. How many feet of water were you working over?
  18. Went out again today, 9/5 running the same program of J-11 black and silver jointed Rapallas. Marked fish all over the place but couldn't buy a hit.
  19. Yes, the lake has dropped 2.5 feet and is back to reasonable levels.
  20. Went out solo from 6-8 PM. Started at Long Point with a trout presentation of spoons in 170 to 100 feet of water. Cruised past Koenig Point to Burtis Point then switched to a walleye program. Put on 2 black and silver J11 jointed repallas down 40 to 55 feet. Picked up two walleyes 55 ft / 60 at 2.1 miles per hour down temperature 65 degrees. One 5 lbs, one 6 lbs. Caught on south side of Burtis Point.
  21. I'm on Owasco and have done my share of late evening fishing. The salmonid bite seems to shut down around 8 these days. I have trolled at night for walleye around Burtis Point using Rappals with some success.
  22. Got out with a crew of boys for an hour and a half troll from Long Point to Burtis Point 7-8 this evening. Hooked up on a 6-pound walleye at Burtis Point 35 down / 60. Mag silver spoon with purple and black tape.
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