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  1. On the water at 7 AM done at 12:30. Set up in 100 with 4 riggers down 25-75 and 2 dipseys out 150 with various spoons, paddles, spin doctors and flies. Went NE out to 400 and back trolling at 1.8-2.5 Lake flat calm and foggy. Best screens in 100-150. We didn't get a bite. Some other guys in the lot worked Browns in 30 fow and got half dozen.
  2. Sometimes I swear my electronics are AI capable and just fuk..ng with me.
  3. On the water at 7 AM and shot out to work 100-150 with a dozen other boats. 115 saw the most fish. Picked up a 5 lbs Laker on Bay Rat Gobie while spooling up the rigger from 70/115. By mid morning we slowly worked in shore with the other boats to as shallow as 7' with no other takers.
  4. Fished 8-35' waters east and west of the piers 7-11. Not a bite. Tried a wide variety of baits and colors. Boat back in the lot reported 15/20 on salmon in 50-75 fow over 100 between 4 guys.
  5. Fished out of Port of Rochester 7AM- 4-PM. Spent the morning working the Lake out in front of the Genesee River. Dozen boats out there and loads of fish. Never saw a net hit the water all morning. Spent the afternoon trolling the River just short of where the fly fishermen were working below the Falls. Along the way one River boat said they got 4. Another boat landed a walleye. We had a huge Smallie hit under the 104 bridge, jump clear of the water and spit the hook. It was that kinda day. Plenty of salmon porpoiseing and jumping in both the lake and river. Fall colors in the gorge just shy of peak.
  6. Forecast of 1' < way off again as we arrived at the ramp with rollers crashing over the breakwall. Lines in the water over 65' at 7:30 with 3-4 waves. Worked out to 200 and back in. Best screen was at 120-135. Plenty of marks 45-85. Fish had lock-jaw. Ran spoons and Jplugs off riggers with short 15-35' leads.
  7. Weather report called for 7-10 knots from NNW w/ 1 ft or less waves. Got at the launch at 6:30 and waves were breaking over the break wall with 5-6' waves with white caps. Every boat that tried to go out turned around. Total washout.
  8. Launch out of the Genesee River from Charlotte https://portofrochestermarina.com/
  9. Set up in 100 FOW at 7:00 AM. Worked out to 220ish and back. Best consistent marks for the day was running right along the 100' contour line generally at 65ish and 80-90 where temps were about 60s and 48. Ran spoons behind Spin Doctors and Dodgers off riggers. Had a single bite 65 down over 200ish, skipper King got hooked up on another line and we lost it. Weather forecast was way of with steady NE wind shifting to NW mid day. Packed it in at 2:00.
  10. Hit the water 6:30-1:30 working primarily either side of 225 fow. The lions share of the marks were 45-65 feet down. Had riggers and dipseys out. Went 2 for 2 Kings at 90 and 60 down on the riggers weight 8 & 14 lbs. White spin doctor w/ purple ladderback on white spoon. Several dozen boats out. Didn't see many nets. Fleas were bad in some areas only.
  11. View from the Finger Lakes on Owasco I can hardly see the other side.
  12. It's hard to catch fish on lake ontario. We launched at eight a m and fished until three forty five pm. After a couple hours of searching we determined the best water was a hundred thirty feet. We beat that water to death looking for fish and throw everything I had in the tackle box at them. Most of the fish were down fifteen to thirty feet where we caught our five pounds Steelhead at one thirty. Naturally we had to fish a couple hours after that. Carbon 15 off rigger 30 down, 25 back behind ball. Nobody out there except for us. Wind from north northeast waves early 2-3 subsiding to less than one.
  13. Fished 8-noon. Caught a pair of 3 lbs Browns. 1st one came east of the chute near the Bluffs early on the rigger in 13 FOW off the rigger on an Evil Eye. 2nd fish came right at the entrance to the chute on NK28 off the rigger down 10 back 55. Got back to dock and DEC Fish Survey guys came aboard. When they were done got a friendly check out by the State Trooper Marine crew. All was good.
  14. You run a spoon in the prop wash. Down about 3 and 10 back. It can be very effective for Cohos.
  15. Coast Gaurd launch at 6:30. Headed west to Maxwells and nothing doing in 12-25'. Headed east and ducked in behind the pier. Set riggers and worked 8-25' to Chimney Bluffs and back. Most marks btwn 13-20. 1st Brown on Coho rig, dayglo green/orange Alpena Diamond down 3' and 10 back in the prop wash. 2nd Brown 6' down 100 back on J-11 B&S Rapala.
  16. Launched there today. Beats Fair Haven and the Genny public launches.
  17. I've been out half a dozen times since August. So far I've landed two steelhead, one brown, and 20 lb King. Lost two kings on rips fishing by myself and couldn't handle all the rods. Free bird 18 is correct in that the salmon seem to have a lot of Lamprey marks on them this year. Still hoping to get out yet on a couple more trips.
  18. There have been no reports in a week. Where is everybody? What's your excuse for not getting out? Mine is that after 37 years of faithful service the clutches gave out on both downriggers within weeks of one another. Waiting on my new Scotty 1106's to be shipped.
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