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  1. Well kept boat. Family member a boat mechanic so a lot of preventitive maintenance. 2-3 oil changes a year, tuned up every year. Boat has 4 cannon electric downriggers, fish hawk, wash down, lowrance color graph fishfinder/gps. Brand new tower with rocket launchers from atlantic towers put on last year. Cabin has refrigerator /ice box and stove ( never used). Asking 10,200 or b/o
  2. not sure if any one knows much about this model of penn yan I know they did not make many of them. it's a 26ft single merc 5.7 with a bravo II stern drive. The boat is in excellent condition and comes with all the bells and whisltles but i am a little concerned about the size of the boat with a single engine. Wondering if there would be a lot of stess on the engine along with gas consumption.
  3. Thanks again for help I am going to order them tonight and try them out out the weekend after next. I have been putting off buying these for a while and now i am regretting it especially last weekend fishing the pro am and having to let out 150 ft of cable to get to the temperature break
  4. Thanks. prices do not seem that bad. I am assuming you have to run all the downriggers with these weights
  5. Billy V, i was looking around and i see some different kinds of those weights and prices. Any partucular ones you would suggest. I see some large price differences. For example shark canonballs are running for around $94 a piece. i assume there are probably similiar ones to the shark's that are just as effective and better on the pocket book. thanks again
  6. Thanks for the input. I Think I will try them out. Also, thanks for letting me squeeze in at the gas dock in sodus saturday night. I tried that knot for the wire you told me about and you were right it is easy and beats having to crimp.
  7. Was thinking about buying some shark downrigger weights but before I spend that kind of money would like some opinions on them. Looking forward to the input.
  8. Reel Magic, I know this may not help you now but i will be selling my 88 penn yan 218 classic after the season is over. I then will be looking for another Penn yan. It has been a very reliable boat, just put a new tower with rocket launchers from atlantic towers. family member is a boat mechanic so a lot of preventitive maintenance has been done. I am in Rochester, ny. Let me know and I would be happy to forward pictures
  9. Barnacle. good question i was wondering the same. Can someone help us out with this question. We are fishing out of Port bay and are not sure if the morning of the pro am do we have to leave from Sodus.
  10. he was young and stupid back then. he believed him when he kept saying he would pay him. Well that was around 20 years ago. Lesson learned, you fish with people you trust
  11. The funny thing about my previous story is he has not fished since this happened. His boat sits on the side of his house rotting away.
  12. Here's a good one. One of my buddy's wheeled in the first place fish on his cousins boat. When They went to the weigh station his cousin wanted to put everything in his name and his charter boat name to attract more business. When everything was said and done he gave him nothing. It was just those 2 on the boat. THAT'S HORRIBLE. We did take 3rd a few years back and we split it 50/50 but that does not nearly make up what his "family" did to him. Needless to say that have not spoke since
  13. No problem at all. Would be more than willing to help out. I am sure I can get the guys I fish with to get the fish hooks out of their pockets and dontate also.
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