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  1. Pulled 6 stands and 3 cameras today off a property that I have hunted for over 15 years. It was certainly heartbreaking to do. Felt a lot like your middle school girlfriend breaking up with you.
  2. Sticks work great for Kings and they put the first Kings in the boat for us every year. Typically they are a incidental catch for us as we target Browns in shallow water in Spring. However as we slide into slightly deeper water spoons become a better choice of baits and once we fish deeper in the water column flashers become the top choice. Sticks also work late in the season when Kings are staging and we use them along side of plugs.
  3. the big ones... you can also buy a bucket of them https://scotty.com/product/no-1177-bucket-of-power-grip-plus-planer-board-release-clips/
  4. Scotty planer board releases... I use them for all of my junk lines off the big boards. https://www.fishusa.com/Scotty-Power-Grip-Plus-Planer-Board-Release-Clips?quantity=1&L-Size1=563&gclid=CjwKCAiAuoqABhAsEiwAdSkVVFA6tz-JcYEDVr4VOchr-ECs_rm0QZ4rwrAr1l6qT-zdxJHxoMTTOxoClCAQAvD_BwE
  5. Whats the model number on them?
  6. What model are the rods? 30 series reels are perfect.
  7. I get all of my bait from Familiar Bite. https://cart.gltsupplies.com/
  8. I dont know what to say. What a great guy taken that from this world too damn soon. There is no doubt Lake Ontario will miss Mr. Breeze!
  9. Congrats. Thats a hell of a deer!
  10. ISO Humminbird 1100 core series preferably a 1159ci HD. Let me know what you got and how much. Rob 585-703-0969
  11. The reason for Ohio was just to extend my hunting season. I have enough hard work into my stuff here that I didnt want to take away from my time here during the season but the idea that Ohio has a muzzleloader season in January was very inviting. But what if I told you that I am losing 95% of the land that I currently hunt? Unfortunately that's the case for 2021 and the future. If it wasn't for the pandemic I wouldn't have had it for 2020. Losing all this ground is one of the most depressing things I have had to deal with in a long time. The amount of time that I have spent on these properties in the past 15+ years is crazy and to have them taken away is truly heartbreaking. Long story short is I am aggressively looking for new grounds for 2021 and so far it hasnt been good.
  12. Attach to the backing... Scotty planer board releases work great on braid backing. Short coppers (for example 100') I put about halfway in the jaws, big coppers (for example 400') I put all the way in the jaws. Some days current or rough water might cause false releases with bigger coppers so in that case use the "lock" on the scotty release for a better hold.
  13. Losing fish it part of the game. IMO most fish get lost on copper because guys dont use their drags enough and tend to horse fish with long lines. A fluoro leader, copper, and braid backing have just about zero stretch. Once a fish is hooked I tend to over loosen the drags and let them tire themselves out. I also like tight releases... scotty planer board releases all the way
  14. . Sent from my moto z4 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Ohio update... I was hoping to do a play by play while I was there but cell phone signal was awful. Long story short... 11 guys in camp and one shot fired. The very first day one of the guys had a shooter chasing a doe at 1130 in the am. He believes he shot the deer really far forward. They spent the afternoon along with the next morning searching for the buck but no luck. All in all, everyone at camp witnessed very little deer movement. Personally I saw 6 does/fawns total over the course of 4 days. Day 1 am/pm and Day 2 am/pm I spent in a box blind overlooking a cut bean field on the end of a big block of woods. Day 3 am/pm I spent on stand on the top of a ridge/ pinch that was a travel corridor. Day 4 am I spent in that same ridge/pinch stand. Day 4 pm I spent on stand on the edge of a cut corn field. Each of these sites had an additional corn bait pile within range and some also had a mineral site. Overall very impressive hunting ground but deer movement was minimal. The hunting ground reminds me of 9H area in our stand. Rolling hills, and agriculture. The deer are there but they were as nocturnal as they could possibly be. To put it in perspective the ridge/pinch set was baited with 150# of corn on Thursday afternoon. By the time I hunted there Monday morning you could barely tell that corn was ever dumped there. Overall I have no complaints about the trip (minus the deer activity). The lodge, the guests, the owner, the guides, they were all great. Of course I would have love to see more deer and of course that is a huge part of the experience.
  16. I believe in my neck of the woods, deer numbers are way down and its all because of the DEC strategy. I blame the lack of deer in my hometown on nuisance permits and doe tags. The DEC issues almost unlimited doe tags for 8A and I was issued 4 tags for the area. They are literally encouraging the decimation of the herd in 8A. Our winters are mild on the lake shore and there is plenty of food and browse no matter the season.
  17. Awesome recap on your season. Thanks for sharing. These guys in here need to step it up if they plan on sharing their recaps!!
  18. WIth Okuma 30 series reels you will need backing to fill the spool 100%. 75-100 yards of 20# test mono is good. Make sure you have SS wire. 32# is copper..https://bloodruntackle.com/stainless-trolling-wire/
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