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  1. Went out of T-Falls 5/1. Had a similar day worked around the park and up north. Two noteworthy observations, the lake was smooth, early on saw thin ice had formed overnight. Large crystals 5ft were floating all over. Second, there were dead fish from the shore to at least 25ft. They were 2" to 6" in length and about 1 every sq. yd. But, also was a great day to be on the water
  2. Was at an estate auction last year and got a tackle box loaded with lures for the Fingers, some home made. Lots of Cleos. Hope the men will put them to good use in May The home made lures were made by "Eddie" I know little about him. He use to fish out of Jakes on Keuka. Seemed to have an excellent rep for getting fish. His spoons were like Suttons, thin, flutter, with a greater curve. I have seen them work well.
  3. Chas Thanks but they will be on Seneca. On the charts they refer to the stream as Keuka Lake outlet as it enters Seneca I have used that launch you mentioned and it is a good one.
  4. Looks like they could use a launch near Dresden. The cabin owner did not know of one. Thought the members might know of something. They will not need parking. trailering to Seveme would be easy but having the boat at the cabin would be nice. This is the first time my son has been using LOU and is enjoying the info and process of getting it. Thank you again!
  5. Thanks for the info. One of the friends is getting married and was asked what he would like to do before. A few days on a Finger Lake and some fishing came up. They are looking into launching at or near the cabin. Looked at the satelite photos for the area ---looks good.
  6. My son and some friends will be staying near the outlet early May. They will have my smaller, slow moving boat {.8 to 1.2mph} He has the equipment and skill to target LT. Any advice for this location, to help these young men?
  7. Hay Steelman; Thanks for the info about getting checked by the law. Went over the boat regs and was short a few things. My friend and I get checked by someone almost once a yr. A Pa. plate must make us look like a target.
  8. Rustyrat, Splitshot, Nautitroller, and Sk8man are names I have read many post from. From your detailed post I have seen that faster is better most of the time. I am not set up for those speeds. .It appeared that most of the boats I saw Sat. weren't either. I even saw a few porcupines going as slow as I usually do {.don't know why}. With that aside, I know that 90% of the fish are caught by 10% of the fishermen. I won't talk about the beer part of saying of which I do much better. Anyhow thanks for the info and based on what I have read I am considering some changes but a slow troll on a slow day on one of the fingers isn't so bad. So if you pass a small boat with an old man in it having a beer and looking hungry, wave - we may have "talked" on LOU. .
  9. Took nephew and his wife out at 5:30 am. Bite was slow and what there was it, was LITE Used several colors and a few Suttons. Trolled No. and So.90' to 180 with not much luck. Was able to talk with 8 or 10 other boats and all reported the same slow bite. To give you an idea of the bite, when asked how they were doing, a guy held up his hands showing a fish that would have been 18" and he looked really happy. Got 3 LT + 1 LL all went back due to their size.
  10. Thanks for the post. Have family coming this weekend and they would like to go to the Finger Lakes fishing. Been trying to decide either Keuka or Cayuga. You helped me decide. Looks like T-Falls. Odd the bite seems so off at Keuka. A lot of posts of slow days.
  11. apb glad you said something, I was thinking about saying something. Bob - all the fly fishermen need to hang up those expensive poles and get some power bait, red-fin minnows, or CORN
  12. Just a single sinker. I have seen them at the smaller bait & tackle shops. There was a shop about 1 mi. so. of Hammondsport that had them but I don,=" know if they are still opened. I bought a mold and make my our. If you go to a heavy sinker, you might want to use a 3-way swivel.
  13. I still like to troll. Last time on Keuka, I got 4, lost 4, and had 6 hits that I know of. The bite was very lite. I use a 3 spoon rig that looks like a Seth Green rig. You hear a lot of talk about down-riggers, but those of us who troll slower use one 16oz or 20oz to get down to the bottom. If you don't have a fish finder, a reel with a counter could help with the depth, 80ft to 120ft is a good depth to set up. Good luck.
  14. Last week it was good till 9:00am and shut right down. Got clear and high pressure was building in.
  15. Thanks again for the info. Backed out. Now at 7:00 AM winds 13 with gusts and rain close. Maybe Wens now.
  16. Is there a L.T. bite at T-Falls now? Usually go to Keuka this time of year but the winds for Thurs. will make fishing difficult. Hoping for some shealter on Cayuga, sticking to the west side. All the talk about eels has me concerned about the bite witch I have found to be slow this time of year anyhow. Thanks in advanced for any info.
  17. I do not let my "friend" net any of my fish anymore. I swear he knocked off two of the biggesr lakers I have almosy caught. Don't know if he was just plain excited or his competitive nature pushed him to the Dark side. Great shot anyhow!
  18. Hey J. Hans Solo When I go, I like to troll. Use a Seth Green rig and run slow, about 1 mph. You should get some replies from people who jig. I think there are more trollers than jiggers on Keuka. I often will go to Cayuga and rarely see jiggers.
  19. Thanks Laketrout6 That will be a shorter trip and better if the winds are from the so.
  20. Does NY keep the launch at the Park open in the winter, or is it usuable? Thanks.
  21. Fished T- Fallls thurs. morn. Hit the Scout camp, the power plant, and Rocky Dock. Lots of LT with the best a heavy 27" I use a seth green cut to 3 suttons and put on a pole. My friend doesn't always pay attention to his rig and would often get tangled when I used the real seth green rig. All my fish were on the bottom spoon, how about yours?
  22. Thanks for the info. Was thinking either Keuka or Cayuga Thurs. Will go to T Falls, it's 30 min less drive one way.
  23. First report on how the boys are doing. Sun. 7:30 to 9:30 am. The crew reports a SLOW start due to and wine. With the full moon and high pressure no fish were caught. Mon. 6:00 to 8:30 Fished west side N. of Jakes. i - salmon 16 in. 3 LT 19 in. to 23in. Rained off but were going out after a mead-hall visit [maybe] Like Indian reported, green was good with silver/brass suttons almost as good. All were caught in 80 to130ft.
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